The fractured civility of America

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

Those who wish for the division of America need not think this ill wind passes in only one direction, it does not. This madding divisiveness the ultra-Left pushes into the face of America cannot be allowed to destroy the moral fiber of this great nation.

I have never seen our country in this state of self-destruction as I do at this time in our history. Sure, in the past we have had problems, but in those past days we were able to come together as one people for the benefit of all of America. Those days seem to have died a slow horrific death. I see our great nation passing into a phase that truly might end in total destruction for all sides involved. That destruction need not be allowed to evolve. America has stood too long for us to allow the beliefs of the few to gain the strength needed to destroy the majority. Those with destruction in their minds and hearts must be stopped. For these actions of the few are not what Americans are all about.

I can tell you, most level-headed Americans will bend over backwards to keep peace with each other. I can also tell you, when backed into a corner the smallest of mice will bite you. The conservative faction of our country has been pushed into that corner. I fear the outrageous actions and words of the Left are pushing the free thinkers of America to the point of no return. Those who wish for this confrontation will be the first to beg for it to stop. But it will not. Not until the destruction has run its full course. It takes a fool to wish for the destruction of anyone or anything.

I personally don’t give a damn who is in office. I don’t care if it’s the Democrats or the Republicans. I just want America to prosper. However, there are those who do not want to see Americans prosper. They want us to have our heads pushed down. Reason being, they do not like the idea of a strong America on the world stage. This is being promoted all by design. They feel that America has been on top for way too long. What true American would want to be on the bottom of the world’s ladder?

That comes from a defeatist attitude and the attitude that Americans are not exceptional — as we were told by the former administration. How could any true American say that about his fellow Americans?

What the Left is now seeing, is some of us will not back down. When confronted by protesters, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, wife of Mitch Mc Connell, did not back down. She showed them what a strong woman was all about. This harassment came from a small group of Georgetown University students. They claimed they were there because of Mc Connell’s stance on immigration laws. I say they were there because of Maxine Waters’ rant about harassing any of Trump’s cabinet members or anyone else associated with Trump’s administration.

Maxine Waters has decided that this is the best approach to bring down Trump’s administration. What she has chosen to do is put innocent people at risk of great harm and even death. This woman has seen fit to incite people of the Left to do whatever they see fit to do against the conservative party. She is just as responsible for her actions as anyone who would yell “fire” in a crowded restaurant.

What she has done is not on par with what Roseanne Barr did and said — it’s even more radical. Roseanne Barr lost her job for much less. Roseanne Barr is a comedian and a good one at that. What she said was meant to be funny. But in these days and times of being politically correct, it was not taken that way. Did her words physically hurt anyone? They did not. Should it have been said? Of course not. It’s alright for the radical Left groups like BLM to call for the death of law enforcement officers and nothing is done about that. But is it not funny how the Left will go into their sensitive mode when their feelings are hurt by words?

The actions of Maxine Waters show the American people where her mental stability stands and it’s not at the top of the scale. Waters should lose her job, also. The Left, with its actions and words, is not going to be happy until blood flows. They might get their wish, but it could be the other way around. This is a sad time in our history as a nation. We are seeing that you cannot reason with people of this caliber. What is so hard about just talking and not screaming out your demands? I must say that all of this did not start or stop with Maxine Waters. It all goes deeper, much deeper.

One of the most sickening rants came from the now-failed actor, Peter Fonda. I don’t think he was ever even close to the actor that his father was. I guess stupidity just runs in the family. You know his sister, “Hanoi Jane,” another traitor to America. It seems that Peter Fonda wanted someone to kidnap Presidents Trump’s son. In the sick world that we live in he just put an idea into someone’s head. He needs to pay a price for that statement.

Peter Fonda’s words were: “We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles…”

You tell me what kind of sick bastard says this about anyone’s son or daughter? Why would you wish for a child to be sexually assaulted ? You don’t have to like Trump or what he stands for. But you never bring anyone’s child into this type of a fight. How would he like it if someone harmed anyone in his own family? I can answer that question for you. He, just like any of us, would be heartick at even the idea of harm coming to one of our children.

Then, of course, when the Secret Service got involved, butter would have not melted in Fonda’s mouth. At that point it was all about the apologies to the Trump family. Too little, too late in my book. I never though much about him as an actor and now I don’t think he’s much of a man or father. But this is Hollywood and the delusional world they live in. Sick puppies for the most part. I guess I will just start reading more. I am about fed up with Hollywood. How do you feel about them now?

Madonna, she’s another dim bulb in the box. She also lives in another world that you and I have no understanding of and that’s a good thing. She, in her mind, is of the so-called elite class. But that’s not quite true. Dumb as a box of rocks is her claim to fame.

What do you think would happen to you if you said anything about blowing up the White House? You would, in short order, have a nice orange jumpsuit to wear and a lovable new boyfriend called “Bubba.” The two of you would be going on dates every night in your new apartment called a prison cell.

Madonna’s own words were: “Yes, I have though an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Then of course she stated that it was all taken out of context. I’m sorry, she said what she meant and got caught at it.

The Left need not think the rest of the nation is just sitting about twiddling their thumbs. The conservatives are paying close attention. They will defend themselves. We must come back together, civility must reign.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist