St. Louis: Birthplace of the atomic age

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

A specific date for the atomic age can not be exactly pinpointed. We can come close with information that is available. In 1942, St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding area would become the first radioactive processing facility for the U.S. government. It would take no time for the area to become the first nuclear dump. The radioactive materials would come from our nuclear weapons program. This would become known as the Manhattan Project. The outcome would be the first of many atomic bombs and other nuclear weapons.

At this time in our American history, we not only opened up Pandora’s Box but we dumped it on the world, never to be closed again. The evil gene of the radioactive age is here to stay, for good or bad. I can tell you, there have been some benefits that came with radioactive materials being processed. There are medical benefits right along with the production of electrical power plants.

Does the good outweight the bad? With those words, I do have a deep concern. If it had been confined to medical and power production, it might have worked out — but it has not. For the first time in all of humanity’s time on earth, we now have the power to destroy not just most of the world but all of the world, along with ever living creature. This all came about from 1942 until today. If contained, it could have helped the world. But it has not been contained as we all see with Iran and North Korea’s programs to weaponize nuclear material. This all came about from people and different countries that just did not care who ended up with radioactive materials. Bottom line, once again, nothing more than power and greed. That will end in the downfall of mankind if we do not act today and not tomorrow.

There is far more to this story of radiation and radioactive materials. There is a blame game here.

But first, I must say. I don’t have the space here to bring out all that is needed. There is so much more. I do the best, I can, with what space I have. So understand I can’t put what I should put into my column. I just try to hit the high spots. Do your own research, answer your own questions.

The blame that I write about goes to Washington and the administrations of the past 76 years. I also place the blame at the feet of all of the elected officials, and last but not least, good old Corporate America. We the people have been lied to and killed, to a degree, by our own government, with the EPA at the head of the table. They spout nothing but lies when it comes down to the dangers of radioactive materials that have been placed in landfills all over this country.

Do you know anything about thorium-230, uranium-238, radon-226? You will by the time that I finish this column.

Just to give you an idea, this info comes from the EPA, they all cause cancer — and a wide variety at that.

All of three were placed in Bridgeton, Missouri landfill at the request of the federal government. The government states there are about 57,000 tons of assorted radioactive material — another lie to the people. The true number, in that one landfill alone, is well over 100,000 tons. This is the world’s oldest nuclear waste dump. Not only have the people been contaminated but also the animals. I have seen with my own eyes tumors of all sizes, colors and shapes on dogs. The EPA has no answers — another lie to the people. They know the truth but the people will never know the truth until they contract cancer and die. That is when the truth comes out. And as we all know, it is too late at that point.

The nuclear weapons waste is in the soil and is also in the people. Where did the waste come from? It came from government research. This waste has its own DNA. The EPA knows this to be the truth. The radiation in this soil is not natural. It comes from outside of America.

At the Bridgeton landfill, truckload after truckload of contaminated soil was hauled in and dumped on the ground. Now bring in the rain. Runoff of radioactive material went into Cold Water Creek. The entire community has been contaminated by the runoff alone. The trucks that transported this material did not even have covers over the loads. The entire route that the trucks drove would have been covered with dust and dirt and therefore contaminated. This radioactive dust would have also been in the air. The EPA stated that you are safe, that the levels were not high enough to be of concern, that it was not a hazard to humans.

Really? Tell that to the families who have died off in this area. To make matters even worse for the residents of this community is a fire that has been burning under the surface for years. This fire is moving closer to the nuclear waste in the West Lake landfill. No one knows what will take place when the fire reaches the contaminated waste. There are experts who feel when it does happen, and it will in time, there will be a catastrophic event in that the radioactive particles will be carried by the smoke. This could cover a very large area. The radium, uranium, thorium and lead-210 will be active for hundreds to thousands of years. This will remain toxic in even the smallest of amounts. This will kill. All of this is in the West Lake Landfill.

With just mere words I can not express the danger to us all that these landfills mean. But I can express my feeling to those who will lie to us. Those who will let us die for a dollar are less than dirt. I curse them and everything that they touch until the day they die. For they are less than animals. I put animals at a higher degree than these who run the EPA.

In some cases at the West Lake Landfill, the radioactive material is still on the surface. Not contained at all. This landfill was never designed to house nuclear waste. This landfill is only a mile from the Missouri River and it runs into the Mississippi River. The landfill also sits in a floodplain, all of which is in heavily populated areas of St. Louis. Radioactive particles get into the dust and groundwater then into us, in time. Dumps catch on fire all the time. Do you see that picture? Need I say more? From what I have found out, the landfill does not even have a liner. So who’s bright idea was it to turn it into a nuclear dumpsite? Again so simple to answer. It came from a governmental official. Your and my government. I watched an interview with an EPA official and she stated that she would not have a problem living in a house in this area. B.S. You know it and I do, too. Just another damn lie to the people that the EPA is paid to protect.

Do any of you recall Love Canal? Go back to late 1970s. From 1942 to 1953 the Hooker Chemical Company — with government permission — used the canal as a waste dump. There were 21,000 tons of toxic chemicals buried in this landfill. At that time, it was known 12 carcinogens were placed there. The 16 acres were capped with clay and sold to the Niagara Falls School Board. Forty years later with a name change and it’s still killing — with governmental approval.

This is the legacy of our atomic age.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist