The intrigue within the realm

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

This is not Camelot, by no means. What I do see as an observer standing on the parapet of the realm is the court jesters hard at work being the paid fools they are. The world sees America hard at work eating its own.

With so much taking place all over the world, it seems the biggest news the liberal Left’s media dogs can come up with is a tramp porn star and her handlers trying to bring down a standing American president. It is endless day in and day out. Did the president have an affair with this trash star of the porn screen? Of course he did. Does it matter to the American people? It does not. This affair was no more than a bodily function of a foolish man that was forgotten.

But again, brought up by the Leftist media thinking in all their wisdom: “This is news.” It’s nothing more than a tabloid tease. It’s a hope of the Left to get into the weaker minds of the American people. That is their hope. These foolish people the Left wishes to find favor with do not exist. The fools are within the ranks of the media that has lost all credibility with the people. We see them for what they really are. They are nothing more than ambulance chasers. The eyes of the American people are clear, whereas the media has become blinded by their own foolish words. These words, for the most part, are turning out to be nothing more than fabricated lies. Lies that have come back to haunt the media.

As the media presses on with this nonsense they call news, the real news is being pushed into the shadows. The past is full of intrigue for the DNC. This party is seeing its world unravel from within its own ranks. Will all the truth come out? Not if they can stop it. But again, the watchdogs of America are not just sitting by idly doing nothing. They are digging and they are digging deep into the DNC records. Records they thought had been destroyed. They have not been totally destroyed as Hilary had hoped. Slowly, bit by bit, they are coming to the surface one day at a time. Not everything has come to the surface but what has is bearing fruit.

Comey, for his part, has seen his own world come crashing down. More are falling every day. It appears that they are on a sinking ship and the rats are trying to get off as quick as they can. It matters not how far they run. What does matter is just how high up in the ranks some of the lies go. The leadership of the FBI has a lot of explaining to do to the people of the entire nation.

What I am seeing is all one-sided. It would seem that the conservatives of this country are held to the letter of the law — and in some cases to a higher degree of the law. On the Left, I see them flaunting the law, thinking that they are above the law. What we see, the rest of the world sees also. The world sees us as a country that does not have a level playing field. But I have to counter that and say that there are other countries that have just as many problems as we do here in America. It’s nothing more than a power play within all governments. Some of it is just a bit more dirtier.

The dirt that is being slung by the Left is going to bounce back. The more players that become involved, the less the secrets can be kept. Nothing is sacred or secret. Mueller’s investigation has become soiled by the so-called investigators themselves. Again it is all one-sided. Virtually all those involved are of the Democratic Party. If there is collusion between Trump and Russia, then bring out your evidence. Let us all see what you call the truth of the evidence. If not, then let Trump do his job as president and stop this child’s play.

As I said, the players on this field are many — so many, in fact, that we might never know who all of them are. The shadows hold more than they want us to see. But it is too late to close the box. What has already come to the surface shows that the Democratic Party has a lot to answer for. What we have here in Mueller’s investigation is a runaway Special Counsel that is grasping at everything and everybody in the hopes of making their job look legitimate. Where as those of us on the sideline see it for what it really is. It has gone on for way too long and at to great of a cost to the American people. In recent weeks there have been several federal judges who also have condemned this counsel. It is going nowhere and the powers that be know it.

It did not have to go as far as it has. I lay that at the feet of Jeff Sessions for stepping back and away from his job. He could have done better. What I mean is this: We know from his own words that James Comey leaked information to a so-called friend that actually worked at the FBI. He stated this in his book. He admitted to it even though he denies he ever admitted it. The fact of the matter is still there — he did admit to it. Is he now telling a lie about the admission? At this time there is no reason that James Comey and Andrew McCabe should not be investigated for leaking sensitive information. So where is Jeff Sessions at this point and where does he stand? To me, it looks like he is standing in the same mud as Comey and McCabe.

But it all gets better, much better — but not for the investigators. At this time the investigators are about to feel the sting of the bite that they have put upon the Trump administration. Ever so slowly, the facts are coming into the sunlight. Just like in the raid on Trump’s personal attorney’s office. The claim was that the agents on that raid were there to find info on payments made to two women. These women supposedly had affairs with Trump. But this isn’t the whole truth. They went there to find any information that could hurt Trump’s administration. Is it illegal to have an affair? It is not. But it is morally wrong. So this is how the taxpayers’ money is spent.

Who signed off on this raid? Surprise, it was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. You remember, Rosenstein stepped in when Sessions recused himself in the Russian collusion case. This is a convenient way to obtain privileged communications between Trump and his attorney. In time, all of this information will be leaked to the liberal Left’s media in hopes of doing more damage to Trump’s administration. We have been told that the raid had nothing to do with Mueller’s farcical investigation.

B.S. Serve that up to a child and you might get away with it. The truth is that the raid was based on information that came directly to Rosenstein from Mueller’s own investigation. Do the people on the Left think that only one side leaks information? No, is the sobering answer to that fairy tale.

Washington reeks from the smell. They all have their noses shoved up the rectal area of the so-called powerful. But the people are told its roses you smell. Truth has a way of climbing to the top. It all comes out. What’s sad is those in powerful places care not what they do to the people they see as less than them.

The intrigue coming from outside the realm will be short-lived. But the consequences will hurt all.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist