The dynamics of a sucker punch

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

Are you a fighter?

I am. So is America.

I have been fighting ever since I was 5 years old. Not because I wanted to, but for the simple fact of the matter I had to defend myself from others, that though they could harm me, take from me and get away with it. I have received and given sucker punches. Most people who deliver a sucker punch have no idea how it really works. They hit you one time, watch for the aftermath, hoping you will hit the ground. That’s a novice’s way of fighting. A real fighter will hit you and follow up with a second and a third punch to make sure you are down for good. That first punch rattles your head and body. It makes you think: “What just happened to me?” The second punch gives you no time to react. That one has really hurt you, you’re going down. The third and final punch (unless your opponent also kicks you in the head) is an insurance policy. You’re not getting back up from that one. America has enemies that wish to sucker punch us.

There are all types of sucker punches that can come our way and some have the capability of being not only life changing, but devastating to our America as a whole. Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are not happy with America — that is an understatement. They see America as the problem child of the world and not the other way around. They will do anything to bring down our nation and our way of life. They have given North Korea information to destroy America. North Korea sends — every day, two times — a day a satellite over our country at the perfect height to detonate an electro-magnetic pulse bomb.

If this type of bomb is detonated over our country, we lose 100 years of technology in a split second. The power grid will be gone, anything using electricity will be useless. These numbers I give you come from our government. Within one year, 90 percent of the American people will be dead. Not just from starvation. Remember our nuclear energy plants? We have more than 100 of them. They are located all over the country. They utilize cooling towers so the reactors will not overheat; their water pumps need electricity to run. They will stop working. At that time, the reactors will start popping off. Radiation will cover America. I do not write these words as a gloom-and-doom fictional story. It is reality. We as a nation are not prepared, not at all.

The United States is cut up into three grid sections. The Eastern, which also encompasses Canada, and the Western, which covers the rest of the country. There is one exception to these grids. That being Texas; they are on their own grid. These grids are made up of more than 3,000 power producers. Now, of course, they all work together and are tied together by our electrical grid. That’s part of the problem, also. These grids are all connected by super transformers. There are roughly 2,000 of them all over the nation. These transformers are used to bring in very high voltage and step it down to lower voltage so it can be distributed to factories and homes. We’ve got one big problem: none of them are made in America anymore. Worldwide production is only about 200 per year. These transformers are so large that there are only three railroad cars in this entire country that can transport their weight.

Before I can go any further with our enemies and what they could and might do, I need to go to our not too distant past. In the scheme of things, 1859 is not that long ago. Our own life-giving sun has the power to not only give life but to take life away as we know it. In 1859, we had no real electrical grid, not like today. But what we did have were telegraph systems that were worldwide. They ran on electrical components of the day. They were not very sophisticated as are our components of today, but they worked until September 1859.

During that year, the Earth received super solar flares from the sun. They devastated all electrical components. It would become known as the Carrington Event. It was named after Richard Carrington a well-known astronomer of his day. He had been watching the sun through a telescope when he saw two blinding white lights appear. They lasted for five minutes. Just before dawn on the next day, the sky all over earth lit up in green, red and purple. It was said that the lights were so bright that you could read a newspaper, as it was as bright as daylight. That flare from the sun today is known as a geomagnetic explosion or a geomagnetic storm. Whatever one wishes to call it, it can be very destructive.

Now today, man has the power to deliver this man-made destruction worldwide with catastrophic consequences for mankind. If it did take place, those who produce these transformers, who could help rebuild America, would not be in a big hurry to help America back onto our feet. As I said, there are more than 2,000 of these transformers in use in America today. At the production rate of 200 per year, it would be 20 years before America would be back up to present-day numbers. But that is only if the world’s producers would help us. If it did indeed happen, we might not ever be where we are today.

Our enemies are always looking for weakness in our nation. We are not prepared as a nation. We have not prepared like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea have. There is no doubt in my mind that they have super EMP weapons. Russia has stated that they could attack the United States with an EMP. They also stated that if they did do it, that the attack would come from our southern pole. It would come from our blind spot, for we have no weapons systems in that region of the world. It can also be carried out by non-nuclear weapons like ICBMs. The magnetic blast is all it would take at a height of roughly 180 miles above us. That would stop us as a world power in just seconds.

What bothers me the most is the fact that in 1962, one of our scientists by the name of William Graham warned our leadership of that time period what could take place. He was part of a program called “Starfish Prime.” This was a program that, in 1962, was involved in high-altitude nuclear tests. In this test, the detonation generated an EMP field that was almost 800 miles away from the Hawaiian Islands but did serious damage to equipment. It does not take high-tech delivery systems to destroy electronic equipment. All it would take would be an old cargo ship in the Gulf of Mexico to send a device over the top of Iowa. If that occurred, the EMP would cover all of the United States. We knew this in 1962.

Fifty-six years later, virtually nothing has been done to protect our nation and its people. What does that tell you about our leadership from the past 50 years? I can only hope that our current leadership is willing to do something about it and will not wait until it is to late. If we receive this sucker punch, there will be no need for a second or a third sucker punch, for we will be down for good. As I have written, our own government has told us 90 percent will die in that first year. What life will the remaining 30 million have? This was not written to scare. Just to open up your eyes.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist