The murder of little Alfie

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

In Great Britain, you are not a citizen as you are here in America. You are a subject of the Crown. In this country you are subject to rules and laws that you, as the subject, have no control over.

In Great Britain you are subject to socialized medicine. Socialized medicine in some countries might be a good thing. But you tell me where? Under socialized medicine, you are given treatments the government decides are good for you and the Crown, nothing more. If they feel the treatment is too costly to save your life, you’ve had a bad day. It matters not that you could have been helped by medical treatments. It’s the fact you, as subject of the Crown, are not worth the money or effort. It also matters not that another country was willing to help. This at no cost to the Crown or its people. It matters not that you have been given citizenship by another country that is willing to pay for all costs, being, all medical and travel costs.

During the last days of the month of April, the parents of little Alfie were subjected to watching their 2-year-old child die. Socialized medicine could not find a reason for the illness that was killing Alfie. This baby was not worth the effort or cost to do anymore to save his life.

The heartbreak for me was the fact the Crown told Alfie’s parents he would die within hours after the oxygen was removed. They were wrong, he lived on. In time he did struggle to breathe. At that point, as with any parent, you will do anything to save a child’s life — and they did.

The parents proceeded to give little Alfie mouth-to-mouth just to keep him breathing. This went on for days as doctors and nurses stood by and did nothing. What kind of heartless bastards could have stood idle and did nothing? Where were the medical ethics? Were there not parents in the ranks of the doctors and nurses? What if it had been the newborn of Kate Middleton and her Prince of the Crown? What then? I can tell you. Costs would have mattered not.

It seems, in Great Britain, the subjects are second-class to those of the Crown and to Parliament. I have always had a great respect for the British people, they are a strong people. Those who live in the ivory towers of the monarchy, I cannot say I do. What does that tell you about their leadership? What does that say about their laws, treatment of their subjects?

What we have here in socialized medicine is nothing more than “death panels” that decide if a life is worth saving. They hold the sword of life or death over the heads of the British people. For one moment, see the pain of watching your child die and you can say or do nothing to help. For but one moment in your mind, feel the grief of these young parents.

I can tell you of such pain. I can tell you I am thankful to live in a country where we have not stepped into the hole of socialized medicine. In my own life, 38 years ago, my former wife and I came close to losing our own child. My baby was but 2 years old. I still remember it like it was yesterday. Our baby had become sick; it was about 3 a.m. We had made it to the E.R. at Richmond Memorial. The child’s temperature was over 102; they could not get it down. My wife was crying and I was also. The only thing the nurses could do was to put our child in an ice bath. It makes me sick to think what our child was going through. My wife was bathing her in this ice water and it was doing no good. I stepped in and started pouring ice water down her back and on her chest. It did no good.

The nurses told us that she needed to be taken to Pinehurst, but there were no ambulances available. I did not care about the speed limit. At roughly 5 a.m., I went past a Highway Patrolman at the turn off in Aberdeen to Pinehurst. Our child was admitted and for several days was in I.C.U.; she almost died. Our daughter was saved by medical professionals who truly cared. She had contracted salmonella. The babysitter had cooked something that was tainted with salmonella. Whatever it was, it killed the babysitter and made several other people very sick. The Richmond County Health Department went through the babysitter’s kitchen but could not find anything.

That pain of hurt and fear of a parent who could do nothing for their child still haunts the back of my mind, along with the “What ifs?” I could face death with no fear, but to see a child as sick as mine was too much to deal with. No parent should ever have to watch their child die when there are people willing to help save the child’s life.

Little Alfie did not have to die. He could have been helped. I cannot say he would have lived — no one can. His little life was worth trying to save. When you have state-run medicine, you run the risk of being pushed out of the loop. In a lot of cases, many of the elderly in these countries that have socialized medicine do not get treatments to save their lives. Instead, they are given pills for nothing more than the pain. This does nothing to aid getting well. It just make them linger in the hell of knowing they are loosing their life one day at a time. That is when the state steps in with doctor-assisted suicide. Put them out of their misery and cut the cost to the government.

In this way of thinking, I see them as no better than Nazis of Hitler’s Germany. They killed millions of the old, sick, mentally and physically impaired. It mattered not for you were seen as having no value to the government and nothing more than a burden to the people. I’m sorry, they were human beings. They had a life and they were worth that life of living. A society that does not value life is doomed. It is doomed by its own laws of not seeing that all human life has value. At times, I question our own medical system. I question the reason for the doctors prescribing the opiates that are killing an entire generation. Part of that problem goes back to the drug manufactures. You will never make me believe that they did not know what these drugs would do, in time, to our people. We are being killed everyday by those who have sworn to help us. It must stop.

For the Crown, this is not the first child it has given a death sentence to and it will not be the last. Until the people stand as one and cry out “no more, no more,” it will not stop. To tell the parents of any child you do not have the right to your own child’s health care is a crime against those parents, the child and humanity. I can not and do not want to understand how the Crown can see this child’s death as anything with sound reasoning. I know the people of Great Britain are feeling the same hurt as the parents of little Alfie. They are not alone. The world mourns the loss of this baby — as they should as caring human beings.

God sheds his tears this day for little Alfie. Alfie is now free of this world and sits at the feet of God. I pray for his parents.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist