Calling out tennis players was tasteless

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing columnist

I recently stumbled upon an article written by the Laurinburg Exchange following a Richmond Senior High vs. Scotland High School tennis match. When I first read the article about the tennis match, I have to admit that I was more taken aback than I am now; however, I still feel as if the article was written in a lackluster and tasteless manner.

Truly I mean no harm to say such a thing about the paper but it upset my friends and I very much to read an article comparing the two schools. Surely, a tennis match does not require this. The article cited some Richmond players by name as being disrespectful and rude while it labeled their own players as being well-raised.

The reason that this particular article is a bit out of my comfort zone is because of three very keen reasons.

First, I feel that the comparison of the morale of the two teams and ultimately schools, as it is phrased, represents an adult hatred for Richmond teen students. By visiting football games as a band student, I understand entirely too well how quickly these feelings can escalate. In some instances I would deem it unsafe to visit these games, due to a childish school rivalry.

Second, I feel that it is unprofessional for a paper to write such an article speaking of a child. To call a 16-year-old out for their behavior at a sports game. To humiliate a teenager, what could be more cruel? In a time well-known for insecurities?

Third, the way in which the story was written implies that the author is making very negative assumptions about Richmond Senior as they compare the actions of their students, to call themselves well-raised, as if we were not.

Annie Blakeley is a sophomore at Richmond Senior High School, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing columnist