Our debt to law enforcement officers

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

I have written in the past “Welcome to crazy world,” and I do it again.

What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. What the hell is wrong with people? We live in a country where the criminal element has more rights than our law enforcement officers do. Let a society be dammed when the thug and thief is looked upon with more favor than our law enforcement officers.

But that’s not the total truth. The mainstream of our society and its people — black, white and brown-skinned — do not see it that way. The problem is from within a select group of our society that has no respect for women, children or our law officers. They do not even have any respect for themselves, let alone anybody else. Is it a breakdown of our society? No it is not. It is a culture of violence that has been promoted by those with no loyalty to the family unit. With no father figure or God in their lives, self-destruction is assured.

That self-destruction has led to the destruction of innocent people. No child should ever die in their sleep because of a stray bullet fired at another. No officer should ever die as he or she is eating a meal. No officer should ever die sitting in his patrol car doing paperwork. No officer should die while walking up to a car to tell the driver that he has a tail light out. The sheriffs deputies who were killed in Florida this past week were doing nothing more than having a meal. They did not deserve this — no one deserves to be slaughtered.

Respect has been lost for everything and everybody in the mind of these people who think that they are above the law. Then, to top it all off, you have groups that tell the people to kill our officers and nothing is done. These groups incite violence — not only against our officers but against our society. These people who incite violence need not think that if there were a complete breakdown of our society and law enforcement that they would be left unharmed. These would be the thoughts of a fool, and it takes a fool to wish this.

Part (and most) of our problems go to the Left’s media dogs that rummage through the trash to come up with stories that play on the emotions of the young. Think about this for one moment: If you have people on the streets rioting and looting stores, they can’t have a job. You don’t tell your boss that you need the day off so you can go and protest and steal. But in some cases, I can see this taking place. That’s the world that we are living in. On the other hand, that boat won’t float for the most of us. All people know right from wrong — as I said, some do not care. A man or woman trying to feed their children and pay their rent is not going to the streets. These people are part of a society that does care.

I was called out several years ago for being pro-law enforcement. It was said by one, that anyone who would promote law enforcement has to be doing something illegal. What? Someone who would say that has to have had issues with their own mental stability. If we had no law and were totally lawless, who would you call upon to protect you as “Ricky the Rock” was kicking down you door at 3 a.m.? His brother? This type of person would be the first to cry out, “Where’s the law when you need them?”

Law enforcement officers are dirt when you get a ticket in a 35 mph zone for doing 80 mph. But they are God’s gift when you’re getting the hell beat out of you. So tell me, do you want them or not? Again, you’re a fool if you say they are not needed. Sure, I know a lot of law enforcement officers. Do I like them all? No, is the answer. I don’t like all football players. I don’t like all white people. I don’t like all black people. I don’t like all beer but I won’t turn one down. I will not turn down any officer who is trying to help me or others.

These officers of the law are no different than you or I . They have mothers and fathers. They have wives and husbands. They have children. They have everything else, just like you and I. They have hurt and pain. They have issues in their own lives. They have to deal with you and me, and that’s not easy. I have bad days and you have bad days. Do you think that these officers don’t have bad days? Open up your eyes, they are just as human as you and me — in some cases, moreso. They want to defend those who cannot do it for themselves. So what’s the damn problem with having people who want to help others? There is none in my book.

I know one such officer. I have known him since he was a child — or young man, whatever you chose. When you’re my age, at 14 years old you are a child. He is not a child anymore. He is a man who wears a badge — the badge of a Richmond County sheriff’s deputy. He did not start there. He was with the Hamlet Police Department for years. He worked at our high school. Doing what? He protected our children and others. This officer has a wife, he has children of his own. I know his wife, I know his children. I know his mother and father. He is us; he is no different from us. He is a fine young man and officer of the law. He chose law enforcement over other career choices. He wanted to help and serve his own community and he has and does. I am proud to know this law enforcement officer. His name is Gary Carter. He is a detective. There are many more out there and they are fine men and women. They deserve respect for not only the job that they do but for the fact that they are human beings just like you and I.

Who the hell would want to be a law enforcement officer in this day and time? You tell me. Not I. For what reason would anybody? Can you give me one good reason? Let me tell you why. Pride. That’s where we start. Pride in their community and wanting to live where they know you are safe. Soldiers at the gate. It’s nothing new, it goes back thousands of years. It took a special man or woman. Throughout human history these people have existed. Someone to watch your back. Someone on guard so you could sleep. Someone standing at the mouth of the cave with nothing more than a sharp stick. He still stood there to protect all who were not capable of defending themselves, be they the young, old or physically impaired. He stood his ground.

These men have had to stand their ground. For if they had not, then all could be lost. The enemy at the gate shall not pass. Yes, our past is full of some type of law enforcement. Even primordial man had laws of man — not in the same form as today, but still laws of right and wrong. What would the world be like if it were not for this man or woman? Show the respect they are due.

So every night when you go to bed, think about these officers who stand at the gate who watch over you and your children. It matters not what color you are, they are there for all of us and you know it.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing columnist