The de-construction of America

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

Wonderful times and horrible times are what the America people have seen in our brief history as a rather young nation when you compare American history to the history of the world’s nations. There is not one nation that exists today that does not have a past — that past being good and bad. The collective history of the world is what has made us what we are today. At different times, all countries have tried to conquer others. The reason for that is simple to explain why.

The first things of conquest would have been for resources that the other nation needed to go forward and achieve prosperity for its own people. Then the quest for domination of the other nation’s people. The reason for this domination was to enslave. Forced labor (slavery) was also part of their own way to achieve prosperity. There has never been any justification for slavery. To enslave one’s fellow man is beyond being wrong. Of course, those that wished to conquer other people always had a reason for it. I don’t care what their reason was, it was just wrong to even think that way. As we all know it still happened and is still taking place today. But not all in the open.

There are those within our own country who wish to enslave the workers of America. This is taking place every day. How, you say? With low wages and poor working conditions. Part of the problem comes from the illegal immigrants who work at low wages to support their extended families here and in their former countries. Then when Corporate America sees this, they, in turn, try and force our own people to work for these low wages. What we have today in America is a class of workers that simply work to go to work — that being that their pay is just enough for them to put gas in the tanks of their cars to get them to and from work, with just enough to feed themselves and their families. There’s not much left over and that is the reason why their credit cards are maxed out most of the time. The high interest rates on their credit cards are the biggest problem for those who are in debit. Now add in that they only make the minimum payment. Let’s not forget the late payment charges. Now you are enslaved to the credit card companies.

This is all part of the de-construction of America. We are being brought down from within. This is something that is not just happening, it is all being brought on by design. Some of us see it while others could care less. The workers care while the takers just don’t care at all — so long as their check and food stamps still come in every month. But guess what, boys and girls? It is not going to last forever. The times are truly changing, like it or not. Like it or not, some change is good — at other times, not so much.

The change that is no good is the changing of the identity of America. Why are we, as Americans in our own country, allowing outsiders — along with some of our own citizens — to destroy what has taken hundreds of years to create? There are those who wish to bring our economy down to third-world levels. They also wish to destroy our military power. A weak America is their desire. For a weak America, a divided America, will not stand long on the world stage. The first steps were taken by the previous administration. Destroying respect for law enforcement was the first step, along with driving wedges between the races. At times, just like with the current administration, the leadership should allow state-level authority to handle their own problems. Leadership needs to just stand back and see if the people can work out their own problems. We have all seen at different times the human animal is just that, an animal with no caring of who is going to be affected by words or actions that should have never taken place to begin with.

When will we ever learn that it is much better, at times, to just listen and not utter one word? I know for some this is very hard to accomplish. I also know, only too well, for I am just as guilty as anybody else. We can not change the past history of our nation. But we can make a future history that is better for all of us. It’s called trying and being understanding.

Right now we are all seeing our history being wiped out. That’s what history is all about — the past, good and bad. We can’t change the past but we can learn from the past to not go back to it. Just because bad things took place in the past, we can not condemn all of our past history because there were also good periods. Those who set sail from Europe in the 15th century might not have all been good people but not all of them were bad. The expansion of humanity to the New World came at a very high cost, in lives and, unfortunately, freedom for some. That is just part of our history on this planet Earth. I don’t like a lot of what has happened to the people of our nation — black, white and brown skinned — but I am not going to try and destroy what we have achieved. Columbus made mistakes and, in some cases, might have done horrible things to the natives of the Caribbean and America. I can not say because I was not a witness to his actions. But no one else can either. Written history can, at times, have false words tied to it — and it does — for it was written by a human man. Just like today, history is being re-written all over the world, right or wrong. But for the most part it is wrong to try and change history.

I know for a fact that our founding fathers were not perfect men. They were men who had to do what they had to do at that time period for they were trying to create a nation of free people. That freedom did not come to all people at the same time. It was a hard-earned freedom in which all of the races of America would shed blood for that freedom. That part of our history can not and must not be forgotten. Yes, it is a dark stain from the past. A stain that will always be there. The past mistakes of our fathers can not keep our people from being more understanding of one another. The destruction of history is no good for anyone. For if we allow one part of history to be destroyed, then what is there to stop more of history from being pushed to the wayside?

I know everyone has a right to voice their own opinions, as you see from my own, here in my written words. I do not think that just because I don’t like cherry ice cream that it should be banned from others who do like it. I am just one person. One should not be allowed to change how the masses feel.

One might not like the idea of George Washington being looked upon as a great leader, but he was. So now, the few wish to wipe out what he achieved as a leader of this great nation. Again ,we all know he made mistakes. Still, there is no reason to try and wipe him out from our history books. There will always be evil in the hearts of some men. I know for a fact that good outweighs evil. So do not judge past history as the only future history of man.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist