Holy wars leading up to the 10th Crusade

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

When I sat down to pen these words, I had what I thought was a very good understanding of the Crusades. I dare say that I was wrong — but wrong would be an understatement. This history that I wish for you to read about is truly unbelievable in it’s time frame. Before I did my research, I knew of but two actual Crusades. The most important and biggest Crusades took place between the 11th and 13th centuries and this is still true. The true fact of the matter is that there have been nine in all — not to count the 10th Crusade that started in 2001 with the unprovoked attack on America by radicalized Muslims. The first took place in 950 and continued with the ninth taking place in 1300. More than 300 years of war with Islam is what took place during that time frame.

Christianity has fought, and is fighting, for it’s very existence. Brutality on both sides has led to the destruction of far too many cities and their people. Will it ever stop? We can only hope and pray for that day to come. If we do not fight with all of our might, then one day we will be enslaved by the Muslim hoards of the present. The hoards that I write about today are the ones who, in time, will overrun Europe — and they are well on their way in doing so. Will America see these same hoards on our own shores ? Yes is the answer to that question. The Muslims of the past Crusades were armed to the teeth. That is not so in today’s time. They do not have to be. What they are armed with is their numbers. It is either from illegal immigration or from legal immigration. But nonetheless it is taking place all over the world. The bleeding hearts of the world, like Germany’s Merkel, have welcomed them in with open arms. She looks at it a little differently today. She and all of Europe know that they have made a big mistake in allowing millions to come in to their Christian countries from the Islamic countries.

The Imams have told those who immigrate to America to have no less than eight children. This is all in the hope of bringing down our economy. They know that we have a very generous welfare system. They wish to take the wealth of America and destroy us from within. This is a Trojan Horse in disguise. The enemy is not at the gate — they are already within our borders. As I stated, there is no need for an armed invasion by the Muslims, all they have to do is to breed the Christians out of existence and it is taking place today. The people of the world see it taking place but they say and do nothing. This will go on until it is too late.

Islam wishes to push Sharia law upon us all. The first true Crusades began in 1095. It started with a request from Pope Urban II for Christian armies from Western Europe to go to war against Muslims in the Holy Land. By 1099, the Christians had taken Jerusalem from the Muslims. The Muslims had also vowed to wage jihad (holy war) against the West, and they did. This war was bloody but there would be far more brutality to come from both sides. By the end of the 11th century, Western Europe had gained significant power, but it still was not as powerful as the Mediterranean civilizations, the Islamic Middle East or North Africa.

The Christians had retained their control and had the upper hand in the region until about 1130. It was at that time that the Muslims’ holy war began gaining ground. By 1144, the Christians had lost their northernmost state. Power was starting to change hands. This would stun Europe and the call would go out for a second crusade. France and Germany would lead this time, and it began in 1147. With some 50,000 troops, they attacked Syria. This was the largest force yet put together by the Christians. The Christians would be defeated, thus ending the Second Crusade.

After almost 40 years and many attempts by the Jerusalem Christian Crusaders to capture Egypt, the Third Crusade would start. This would be in 1189. Prior to this, in 1187, Saladin would virtually destroy the Christian army. But it would not stop there. Outrage by these defeats would push England into the forefront with the leadership of King Richard the Lionheart. In 1191, Richard would defeat Saladin in the only true battle of the Third Crusade. The Christians regained some control in the area. In 1192, a peace treaty between Saladin and Richard would end the Third Crusade.

From the Fourth to the Sixth Crusade (1198-1229), power struggles in and between Europe and the Byzantine Empire made the Crusaders divert their campaign against the Muslims to the overthrow of the Byzantine emperor. This would take place in 1203. The new leader to the Byzantine’s people would not last long as he was strangled to death in 1204. In response to that coup, the Crusaders would declare war on Constantinople. The Fourth Crusade ended with the looting and conquest of the Byzantine capital. During the last of the 13th century, there would be two more crusades that were not looked upon as ones meant to bring down the Muslim army as much as fighting off those who would be enemies of Christianity. The Fifth Crusade came about in 1216 with the attack on Egypt. This involved attacks both by land and water. Victory was not achieved and the Christians would have to surrender. This would be the end of the Fifth Crusade.

The Sixth Crusade in 1229 would be short-lived because of a peace treaty and the regained control of Jerusalem by the Christians. In 10 years, the treaty expired and the Muslims regained control over Jerusalem. Through the 13th century there would be groups of Crusaders from all over Western Europe who would raid different Muslim regions. They would be of little help to the Christians with little to no power gained. Jerusalem would change hands over and over.

The Seventh Crusade (1239-1241) saw the French briefly recapture Jerusalem — only to see it lost again in 1244 to the sultan of Egypt. In 1249, the French led the Eighth Crusade. Then it was to be lost back to the Christians in 1250. In 1260, Egypt’s army was able to stop the invading Mongols led by Genghis Khan, a potential ally of the Christians. By 1281, the Mongols had been forced to retreat from the region. This allowed the Muslims to turn their attention back to the Christians in 1289. During that year, a fleet of warships from Venice arrived and did defeat what was left of the Crusader states. This would be considered the Ninth — and last — Crusade. There would be many minor crusades with limited goals. Mainly, they were designed to push Muslims from conquered regions. All of this took place at a time when the Pope’s authority did not matter much. By the 16th century, support had disappeared.

That brings us back to modern times. War and more war has been fought in this region . The main reason being religion and power over one’s foe. I, for one, can not and will not say one way or the other if the past was right or wrong. What I can and will say is that we are knee deep in the 10th Crusade. For the first time in this crusade, our enemy has the power at hand for world destruction. The power of the atom is in the hands of those who will destroy Western civilization if we do not stand up and stop them. It must be now and not later. Will the 10th Crusade see the destruction of the world?

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing columnist