Has national security been compromised?

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

Round and round is the route that we as a nation have traveled on this carousal of infighting and backbiting, from Washington and our leadership. These whom we have voted into office, and the ones they appointed or hired as security for the people, should be ashamed of the job they are doing.

It would appear our nation’s security has been compromised by those we have trusted to keep us safe. Politics and politicians have made their way into every aspect of our lives. The ones whom were hired to protect us have their own beliefs and I have no problem with that, as we all have our own personal beliefs. But when it comes down to the security of our America, those personal beliefs should be left at home and not brought to the job — be it either Democratic or Republican leaning, that is not part of the job of protecting the people. Our nation’s security services can not be part of the political system. Politics has nothing to do with their job description. Leave politics to the politicians. They (politicians) don’t need any help from outsiders to make matters any worse than they have.

As we all have seen in recent news reports, it seems that members of the FBI have decided all on their own that they need to take matters into their own hands. They feel that they can make better decisions than President Trump on how to run the nation. Secret meetings and secret groups within the government could lead to the downfall of many within our security network. The yarn of this rug is unraveling day by day. At some point, we will say farewell to this carousel ride that will come full circle. The truth is going to come out and it is not going to be the truth that the Left has led you to believe. The scandals are many, the dirt is deep. At this time, the view appears to be muddy — but not for long. Clarity for the eyes of the nation is near. A few are not going to like what they see at the end of the day. I must say that, for a long time, I have not liked what I have seen on a daily basis. The wedge that was driven in by the previous administration will only be removed when Trump’s administration purges from it’s ranks those who were allowed to stay.

I can not understand anyone who would want to bring down a standing president all because of their political view. Do they not understand that we all are Americans before we are Democrats or Republicans? Is it truly that hard for them to understand? But there is far more to this than what the people will ever see or know. It still, as I have written in the past, is about power and money.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are outstanding people within the FBI, that’s a given, but it also has to be said that there are corrupt people within. These people will stop at nothing to bring down our president and our nation. I love our country and its people with all of my heart. I fear our government because of those who have lost all sight of what their job entails to the people. Reality is stranger than any fiction that has ever been written. That is an understatement in these current days that we are living in.

What price must the people pay? What is the cost to the people because of the stupidity of a few within the ranks of our leadership? Whatever the cost, the people are not the ones who need to pay. We have paid enough for the deceit of those within the government, elected officials or not. I will be amazed if there is still enough integrity in our legal system to expose the truth about the FBI working for Hillary and against Trump. The facts are there, they just need to come out. The FBI can not be one-sided, as it seems they are now. The Left wants to talk about the so-called “Russian collusion.”

The real collusion is coming from the FBI and it is internal. One of the FBI’s attorneys, by the name of Lisa Page, along with FBI agent Peter Strzok, decided all on their own — but more likely with help of other’s internally — that they needed to save America and the world from Trump.

It is part of the public record that these two had text messages that number more than 50,000. For one moment, think about that number of text messages. Did they ever do any real work? I don’t see how. What we have here is two high-ranking members of the FBI talking about rigging an investigation to come out looking innocent, all while crimes are being committed, but again, starting another investigation looking for a crime. They also talked about the need for an insurance policy if Trump were to be elected.

They felt the need to talk about the meeting of Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton. The chance meeting that is, when they talked about grandchildren for an hour while sitting in her plane at the airport. I almost forgot there are about 5,000 text messages that are missing. The FBI is saying they just can’t seem to find them. Take the time to talk to the NSA — I bet they have them or can find them. The messages that are missing are from December 2016 to May 2017. Somewhere in that timeframe Mueller started his investigation into the “Russian collusion.” Both agents, Strzok and Page, were working on Mueller’s investigation during that timeframe. One can only imagine what those text were filled with. For the FBI to have lost or misplaced these texts, there is a valid reason: It’s called a cover-up.

The sad part of this whole situation is that the liberal Left media is still ignoring the facts of the matter, but still looking for anything to tie Trump to the Russians. They want to talk about Trump’s obstruction of justice. They better take a long look at their own ranks and the Democrats. I don’t even like the terminology of “fake news,” but it is what it is. CBS, CNN, ABC and the worst, MSNBC, are knowingly putting out more liberal lies. The Russian collusion story is on its last leg, but you will still have these trash networks pumping it for all it is worth. Mueller’s investigation, along with the night of the election, will give the Left even more to cry about. To see grown men and women crying like the babies they are was sad. Where they really that weak-minded? Could they not take the bitter with the sweetness they had just experienced for the last eight years under Obama? What the Left chose to show America and the world on that night was a weak people with no backbone at all. Even “Queen Hillary” could not face the nation that night. She also showed her true side.

There is but one direction to go and that is forward and stop looking at the past. America is for Americans and those who wish for America to be their new home. But it is not about freeloaders, domestic or foreign-born. The Left’s wish is to open up new ground with new people that they can control with food and free services — that the American taxpayer keeps up. Just how secure do you feel in your own home or job? I am not feeling the love coming from our own government as the immigrants must be feeling. Our security agencies must work for the safety of all our people, not just the ones they feel political kinship to.

So say farewell to the free ride of the carousel.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing columnist