Governmental truth and accountability

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

The Left thinks that they are as slick as a clay road in the rain. The only problem: any man or woman with eyes can see right through the mud that they call transparent. Twisted words with no foundation in truth have now become an everyday practice within Washington’s liberal Left. Watch this hand but don’t pay any attention to the hand behind their back; that is what they want this entire nation to see. I’ve got news for them: Their house of cards is falling apart from within.

Members of their own party are now taking the time to step back and look at the power they are building out of lies. They will have the American people on their knees before the rest of the world if we do not take this power away from them with our votes.

2018 will be the time to strike out at the Left and their leadership. These votes will have to come from all the parties — yes, I said all the parties. First, we will see the men and women of their own party open up their eyes and ears. This has already started with some Democrats in the Senate. The Left is asking our country to shoulder too many burdens that we can not afford. These burdens come in many forms, one being the southern border. The problem can be fixed, but it will never be fixed by throwing money at it.

Last year, the Left asked for billions to take care of the illegal aliens coming across the border.

Just one more lie to add to the host of lies they have told to the American taxpayer. It will not be billions, it will be tens of billion’s when it is said and done. When have we ever been told correct numbers by any of the politicians? I’ll tell you: Never. They always start out with low numbers and they just climb.

How will all of this be paid for? That’s easy to understand also: your over-taxed dollar. Nancy Pelosi made the statement a while back: The government is not broke, we just don’t have the money. What she meant by that statement was this: We can get it through new taxes.

I am fed up with people like this egotistical woman. I am also fed up with being taxed to death, just like you, the working man and woman. In recent weeks, she told the America people that Trump’s new tax plan would put nothing but crumbs in the pockets of Americans. I think the average will be about an extra $1,000 in your paycheck this coming year. But I guess to a multi-millionaire, $1,000 is nothing. Take the time to ask the average worker what $1,000 means to his or her household. It means new shoes for their children. It means more food on the table. It means a lot to the workers of America. Here again, it does not matter what party you are affiliated with, you — like myself — pay way too many taxes. It is not up to me or you to fund Juan and his family just because they were able to get across the border, as the Left thinks we should. We do not need any new taxes to fund anything, as the Left thinks. We need the reduction that we are going to receive under the Trump administration. Some people need to learn to live with what they have and just deal with it.

Before I really looked into taxes and what we pay, I only though about income ( state and federal) taxes, property taxes, income interest, and gas taxes — and that was about it. Then the flood gates opened up. The number of separate taxes that we pay is truly unbelievable. I do not have room to list them all, but take the time, as I did, to look them all up. It will make you sick.

I have no problem paying my taxes, for I know these taxes are needed to run this country. With that said, I do not want to see this country run into the ground because of these taxes. Taxes that are wasted on programs that are endless money pits is simply outrageous and a disgrace on the Left that knows no limits. It’s easy to be generous and spend other peoples’ money — that’s what politicians do.

Zero accountability to the people by these politicians’ actions,leads me to believe that they think they have godlike powers. There is only one God and he is not back on earth — yet — but His day will come soon.

What our taxes are wasted on is a crime against all taxpaying Americans.

Our over-taxed dollar, and what it is wasted on, is a scandal of the highest magnitude.

I dare General Motors to say that they have paid back the American people what they owed. It is a lie, backed by the last administration under Obama.

With the help of his administration, General Motors was bailed out with our taxdollar. But you tell me how his administration — with a straight face — told the American people that we were paid back.

It is in the public record that we the people lost more than $10 billion of our tax dollars on this loan. As far as I am concerned, Obama co- signed on this loan. He is the one who needs to pay it back, along with the members of his Senate.

There should be accountability by his administration, and the Left, to the people, for there should be no loss at all on any loans given by the government. If $10 billion was not paid back, then it’s simple: We just take back this $10 billion in stock options.

As we watched Detroit fall, we watched the government fail the taxpayers of our nation. Detroit spent when they did not have it to spend. This administration of Trump’s is not doing the same thing. They are trying to save the taxpayers’ dollars.

I watched an interview between Obama and Barbra Walters. Walters asked if it bothered him that the people — for the most part ( 60 percent) — did not trust him. His response was, “They re-elected me.” He was also asked about the shovel-ready jobs that his stimulus was spent on, almost $1 trillion. He responded with a smile and laughed, “I guess I was wrong.” I guess it did not matter too much with him as it was not his money that was lost.

My response: He would have never been re-elected if the American people had known the truth about the Affordable Care Act and the unemployment numbers that were falsified. There would not have been a second term.

I truly do feel that with Trump, if he is given the backing of all the politicians of the Left and the Right, there could be a real change for all of America. I will never understand how the Left can see no good in what Trump has already done for the people within the short period of time that he has been in office. As we all know, nothing happens overnight. It truly does take time for change to come about. What Trump has done for large and small businesses has helped all of the workers of our nation. Give the man some credit. Better yet, look at your 401K accounts — the proof is there. Give Trump’s administration the time that is needed.

You cannot ask the government to be infallible, but you can ask it to be accountable and truthful to the people that it governs. A truthful and accountable government is what the people want. I push for civility and tolerance of all people. It does not happen all the time but what can you expect out of human beings. We are, after all, only human.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist