The swamp is starting to drain

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

Is it not funny when rats see the ship they’re on is sinking, they will do anything to get off? What I am starting to see is “Republican Rats” with no backbone jumping ship. I have been hearing from both parties that President Trump is not a professional. I thank God for the fact Trump is not a professional politician, as do many other Americans. That’s the part these professional politicians can not get a handle on. The fact of the matter is, we don’t want you any more. If the election of Trump does not show this, then you are blind to the will of the American people who voted Democrats out of office. The American people are fed up with big-mouthed politicians who get nothing done. We are tired of paying you with our hard-earned tax dollars for nothing more than lip service. Direct talk, straight talk is what we are getting from Trump and this is what we want from all of those in Washington who claim they are there to help America and its people.

In recent days, Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona has said that President Trump is coarse and not very well-spoken. Gee, that tells me a lot about Sen. Flake, in that he is a bit like a biscuit coming from a bag of Washington biscuits. He is soft and quite flaky. Sen. Flake, someone needs to tell you that most Americans are a bit coarse and some of us do not speak as well as you think you do. We have not had the time in office, as you have, to polish out the B.S. way of speaking as you have. I see you as what you are, as do many others. You’re a traitor to your president, your own party and the people who voted you into office.

Please Senator be honest. If you were a real senator of the people and you saw all this bad stuff taking place, then why are you not making a stand and fighting against President Trump — rather than acting like a spoiled child who is taking his ball and going home?

Now let me offer up the real facts. You have been exposed as a phony professional politician. You have made promises to your Republican base that you never had any intentions of following through on. Now that the Republicans hold the Senate, the House and the White House, those who voted you into office see that you are not going to do what you were elected to do. Now you know you cannot win a primary and you run away. The people of Arizona do not want you anymore.

Trump has nothing to do with Sen. Flake leaving his post. It has come to the point that the voters of Arizona have no faith in his ability to do his job. That’s the real reason that Flake is not running for re-election. If you feel the need to step down, then please do so — but sooner rather than later. The voters of Arizona saw for themselves that as soon as you were voted in as a conservative, you turned your back on the people and went to the Left.

Since you are mad at those who want elected officials like you out of Washington, you run your big mouth about the president. The cheaper the shots, the better — in your mind — as we all know you are not alone. Your true colors are exposed. That is the reason that you and others of both parties want President Trump to fail. Trump is a threat to the rats and other creatures that live under the “Washington Rocks,”, that have run America into the ground. But no more. There has been a true awaking of the American people. The professional politicians of Washington think that they know what is good for all of America. Another plate of B.S. that they wish to feed us. It is time that we force-feed this nasty dish back to them. Those who feel that they are working for themselves and not the American people have no place in Washington and they have to go.

Republicans and Democrats are casting about for ways to extirpate the Trump phenomenon. Ideally, a serious scandal might end his time in office. One thing to point out — it’s been tried and it has not worked. In recent weeks, I wrote about the “Real Russian Collusion.” The fact of the Left backing the lies about this so-called Trump scandal are coming out. We will see very soon the rats on the Left are bailing out also, to save their own bacon. It is not going to be flattering for any on the Left as the truth comes out.

To mistreat Trump is to turn the bull lose, it matters not if he is in the China shop. The problem is, there is no way to encapsulate this man and shut him down. The Left looks upon Trump as being impolitic — that is far from the truth. They might feel that way but he is far from being unwise. This man has common sense, where it has been lost to those who wish to force him out of office. Surely at times he should have just stepped back and said nothing, but this has never been Trump and never will. The turmoil resulting from Trump’s election to president is overshadowed by more of the same coming from the so-called insiders of Washington. If they wish to do something about Trump, it has to be done with facts — and that is more of the problem than anything. There are, at this time, no legitimate facts. There is nothing more than the lips moving and nothing coming out of their collective mouths — that being from the Left and the Right, to be fair. The GOP base hates the party for the most part. That animosity explains Trump’s rise to power over all of the past Republican candidates.

The people can, and will, push out other candidates in future elections. The people have always had their eyes and ears open, it’s just in the last election we told the candidates: We’re watching you real close, don’t make any mistakes. If you do, then you will be making them on the street — because you will be voted out.

All the people want is to know that those whom we vote into office are there to do the bidding of the people, not the other way around. But that is not what the people have seen for the last 60 years or so. There is change on the wind. That change has to come to Washington and the powers that be must be told that it is not going to be business as usual. It cannot keep on going as it has in the past. We are a rich country, but that’s part of the problem, also. Washington has too much money to spend. That’s what they think — but as you and I know, that is far from the truth. You and I have to have a budget and we have to stick with it. That is what Washington has to do. As we all know, it is so very easy to spend others’ money. There is so much waste in the way that the politicians spend our money.

A new revolution of the people is growing every day. We know the truth. We are not as foolish as those in Washington think we are. We live the truth every day. America can be better than what we have been in the past years. We must do this for our future. I know I have written about what the future can bring America more than some want to hear. But that is what we have to look at: the future, not the past. Out with the old and in with the new.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist