The true Russia collusion story

By: Robert Lee - Contributing columnist

The true story about Russian collusion does not have its roots in the election of Donald Trump to the office of president, as the Left wants you to believe. This story of collusion has all of its beginnings coming from within Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton. This is the part that the Democratic Party does not want you to know about. So you see, there are two stories of collusion — one that we know is true and another that is yet to be proven.

Before I go any further, we need to know the definition of collusion, that being: a secret arrangement between two or more people whose legal interests seemingly conflict to conspire to commit fraud upon another person (in this case a country and its people); a pact between two people to deceive with the purpose of obtaining something that they would not be able to get through legitimate judicial channels.

I will not sit here and tell you that Trump’s administration did not have dealings with the Russians, but where is the proof? It might all come out in the days to come and it might not. It might also be proven that the Left played the American people with nothing but lies just to try and bring down Trump’s administration. We will see. Then on the other hand, Hillary and Obama’s former administration are currently caught up in a situation that does not look good for them. The proof is out there for everyone to see that Americans were sold out to the Russians back in 2010. For what you ask? For nothing more than greed for money and power. The power was paid for by money that they were given by outsiders. This Russian quest for part of our uranium stockpile has the look and feeling of something slimy. The ones who have slime on their hands are Bill and Hillary Clinton. The truth of Russian collusion is coming out and it looks like it will fall at the feet of these two and the administration of Obama.

I have to ask this question:How in God’s name did the powers that be in Washington allow this to happen? Does the security of America and the American people mean nothing to these people? Does the dollar mean everything and we are nothing in their eyes? It appears that way.

Some of the things that I have found out makes the Clintons look like an old crooked country road with far too many twists and turns. Anybody who buys into the Clintons’ lies are just as crooked as they are. Between 2009 and 2013 is when most of their shady deals came to life. Those deals started with a Canadian company by the name of Uranium One. This involved several men and leaders of the Canadian mining industry who have, in the past, been donors to just about all of the Clintons’ charitable enterprises. Members of that origination built, financed and did sell off to the Russians their company Uranium One. The Russian uranium energy agency called Rosatom took control of the company. That company now owns mines not only in Central Asia but also America. Now Russia owns most of the uranium supply of the world. This now puts Russia’s Putin in control. This not only involves Putin but also a former American president and his wife who wanted to be president.

With that one deal, Russia now controls 20 percent of America’s capacity to produce uranium. Uranium is a military asset but also has many other uses. It is part of our national security and will be for many years to come. That deal had to be pre-approved by representatives of several governmental agencies. The main player of these agencies was the State Department and at that time it was ran by Hillary Clinton of Obama’s administration. So you see, it all goes deeper than just the Clintons.

After the Russians took control of Uranium One, Canadian records show that cash payments were showing up in the Clinton Foundation. The records show that one of the previous chairmen of Uranium One used his own family to make a total of $2.5 million in donations to the Clintons. These donations were never disclosed to the public. As part of her deal with Obama to become the head of the State Department, she was obligated to disclose all contributions. I guess this all got lost in her emails that were scrubbed.

There were many other donations that came from people who had worked with Uranium One.

Now tell me why? Why would any Canadian company want to send funds to the Clintons. Was it to help her get elected? If it was, then that was illegal on her part to accept the funds. But even before the Russians took over Uranium One, Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech. That took place in Moscow and was promoted by an investment firm with links to Putin that was also pushing the sale of Uranium One stock, even though the deal had not gone through. It seems “Slick Willie” is always going to get his share, tell a lie or not. Just ask Monica Lewinsky. It does get better — for the Clintons, that is. In this whole deal of collusion with Russia, it was the American people who got a raw deal. One of the largest donations to the Clintons came from Frank Giustra — he gave $32 million. Again, why? Simple: he was part of Uranium One’s backers who was helped by the sale to the Russians.

During this time the Russian government and Obama’s administration made promises intended to ease concerns about giving control of Uranium One’s assets to the Russians. That turned out to be a joke on the American people with nothing but broken promises. Some of the connections between Russia and the Clinton Foundation have come out, but not all. Did these donations play a role in the uranium deal? Think about this then decide. The Clinton Foundation now has assets of $250 million. Our former president has taken these funds from foreign donors. They have relied on cash coming in from these donors. While all of this was taking place, his wife helped turn American foreign policy in a direction that, in turn, would benefit the foundation’s donors.

American political campaigns are not allowed to take foreign donations, but they are allowed to give donations to foundations in the United States. This is nothing but a B.S. way to give to whoever they want to. Nothing should be accepted from outside of America. It’s nothing more that a loophole for politicians and it’s wrong to allow a foreign government to help any party. But it’s all about money and power.

Remember Hillary’s “red reset button” when Obama’s administration came to power? You should. Hillary made a fool of herself on worldwide TV. This was all done to “make nice” with an enemy of America during so-called strained relations. Our relations with Russia have been strained all through the 20th century and now well into the 21st. This will never change. But that deal was very important to Putin and Russia’s future military security. After American politicians gave Putin their blessings on the deal, he gave an interview. In that interview he stated: Who would have ever though that Russia would ever own 20 percent of the United States’ uranium reserves?

I agree. Who in their right mind would have ever thought this would have ever been possible. Who would have ever thought that a fellow American with children of their own would have sold the whole country out for nothing more than money. It seems in the world of finger pointing that the Left needs to look at their own collusion with the Russian government and the problems that they have created for their own party. The Left has put every American at risk and our future security.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing columnist