Hillary: The never-ending story

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

If you voted for Trump and are of the middle class, then you are one of the deplorable ones of America — according to Hillary and Hollywood. The deplorable ones are “Citizens of the Sun” who labor in the sun and support those of Hollywood and Hillary’s fanciful world that does not exist for the rest of America.

Day in and day out, you rise to the sun and a new day of work, something that these people know nothing of or have forgotten what it is to be a working man or woman. You labor endlessly for yourself and your families. With not much left out of your paycheck, you do seek to be entertained. Most can not afford to go to the movies and pay for a night out for a family of four, so you rent a movie for the family and stay at home. Your hard-earned dollars make it into the pockets of those who care not for you. Your dollars have also supported all of the politicians of America at one time or the other. But you are of little to no value to them. Again you are less than they are, for the most part.

We are looked down upon because these people do not think we are on the same level with them. We are the less-educated ones in their eyes. We are the dirty ones because we work with our hands and backs. They place themselves at a higher degree of self-worth than the worker. This is all part of the delusional world that they have built for themselves by using your dollars to do so. There is one thing that is not a delusion, that is eating. Force them from their ivory towers, starve them. Do not support them and then you will see them fall from their self-perceived high place of stature. These are the ones who have supported Hillary’s quest of power over the people. They all live in the same fantasy, there is no reality to their world. It’s all about the glow of the lights and the pretty people they surround themselves with.

The queen of all actors on this stage of delusion is Hillary. Her starring role in the last presidential election was, to say the least, a very dismal attempt to place herself atop the people of America. In her own mind, she thought that she deserved the title of president all because she was Hillary. She also thought that she should be the first woman to hold this title. She nor anyone else deserve anything just because you think you should and are a Clinton. If the truth be known, she and Bill should be in jail. The truth can come out and it should. These people have an evil past. The both of them have worked against the people of America and at the same time have gotten rich. The both of them have sold out their country for the dollars that they said they did not have.

B.S. are the only words that I have for Hillary and the claim that she stated in several interviews that she gave about how broke they were when they came out of the White House. Keep on believing the lies of this woman and, in the end, you will not like the outcome of having trust in her. I am by no means a doctor — and some will say, “Then you should not have an opinion of her,” — but I do. This woman has a sickness of her mind. She can not except the fact that she lost an election that, in her heart, she knew she was going to win.

The blame game is endless. She can’t stop and will not stop. It’s sad to watch this woman and this endless journey from the reality that she did lose to Trump. I cannot help the fact that I am white, that was just the outcome of my birth. I cannot help the fact that Hillary is a lying loser, that is the outcome of the election. I can not help that she thinks that she lost the election because of white people. She needs to step back and look at the results of the election. She lost to Trump because of black, white and brown-skinned voters. Not because of one color of voters. She also blames all women of all colors for not stepping up to bat for another woman. Do I have a problem with a woman of any color being president one day of America? No, is the answer to that question. I have but one wish of that woman: to work for all of the people of all colors and not think that you are better than anyone. But as a deplorable one in Hillary’s eyes, she tried to make me and a nation feel as though we were outcast and less than her. The shocking thing for her was it did not work and never will.

Those who will brag and tell you that they are the best thing since sliced bread are always in for a rude awakening with the people they wish to rise above. As you all know, it matters not how high you climb, for you can always fall. The people who you stepped upon as you did rise are the same ones who you, in the end, always fall past on your way down to the bottom of the ladder. Those are the people who will remember you when you have lost sight of them. That is the case with Hillary — she lost sight of the little people. The working people of this great land were her opportunity to achieve greatness. But she chose to cast us to the side as she would an old pair of shoes with no use and of no value. She saw us as being unworthy in her eyes and the ones she did not want to ally herself with. It was a mistake, an enormous mistake that cost her the election and reclaiming the White House. We all make mistakes and we will make more, that is a given.

This individual who chose to run for the highest office that America can offer, one of its citizens, has lost the favor of the people and of her own party. At this time, she has become an embarrassment to herself and the entire nation. The last time I looked into it, she had a list of 67 different reasons that she lost the election and she still will not take any blame for her own actions.

I love the way that she thinks she is playing the media. I am sorry to tell you, Hillary, but it is the other way around. You are being played like a fiddle by the talk show hosts. You might think that you are promoting your new book and that the media loves you, but that’s just not the truth. You are nothing more than what you are and that is just another story for the day. They are using you up until there is another story of the day and you just happen to be the story of today.

In time, the people will grow weary of you as they will, in time, all subjects. The people have already decided that, in their eyes, you are not worthy of consideration for any posting. You, my dear, have lost all of any appeal you thought you had or deserved. It is time to go to the wayside and live out the rest of your life as you are, and that is a lost cause with no hope of ever turning it around. You tossed the deplorable ones to the side and now we have tossed you to the side. So now go live with your chosen people of Hollywood. Live not a dream but an illusion of life.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist