America held to a higher degree

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Have you ever taken the time to look at America and the rest of the world? What I mean by those words is this: Have you ever compared us to them? Have you ever noticed that America is held to a higher degree of responsibility than any other country of the world by the politically correct of the world? Are you not tired of being told what America cannot do or what we need to do within our own borders by the rest of the world? I am, for one. I want to bring out a few things that the rest of the world has done, but it is a no-no for America to do.

Let us start with our own borders and citizenship. There is no one outside of Americans who should have a say-so about who we let in and who we do not want to let in. It’s our border, ours alone. It belongs to no other nation. If we want to put up a wall — and I don’t give a damn if it is a 100 feet tall — if we have the funds for it, then let’s get cracking. It’s all about security and safety for the days and times that we live in.

America does not need, nor do we want, the responsibility that the world wishes to push upon us. Sure, some of the politicians might say, “We can help you” — and that’s fine, go live with them. The average American worker says, Hell no, we don’t want to support you. I’m sorry that you can’t afford to feed your children and live in a third-world country.”

That’s sad. It is also sad that you can’t figure out how children get here. If you don’t know how they get here, then ask someone in your own country. There is no need to come to America to get a response to a question that you did not take the time to get answered in your own country. But I will go ahead and tell you: The storks don’t bring children to the world. You don’t find children under the leaves of the cabbage plants in the garden. It comes from the physical contact of an adult man and woman.

So now that we have had a lesson on how children get here, cut back. If you can’t afford to feed your children then don’t have them. Don’t expect America’s working men and women to feed and clothe your children. It’s already hard enough for us to take care of our own. So please, just stay in your own country. I know, I’m now just a harsh non-caring bastard in the eyes of some — and if that’s the way that you feel, then you give them your home and your paycheck, not mine, I’ve got my own problems. I bet you won’t, but you will provide lip service and tell the world, “We don’t need borders.”

Then again, some of the world will look at you and tell you to your face what a fool you really are. One such country would be the Dominican Republic. The bleeding hearts of this country should look into that as I have. Then run your mouth about America. In 2013, the country’s Constitutional Court ruled that no longer would people born in the Dominican Republic automatically be considered citizens. The rule, the court decided, would retroactively apply to anyone born after 1929.

Gee, it looks like if the Dominican Republic had DACA then that would be out the window. It looks to me that the Dominicans have picked up on “Dominican Republic for Dominicans.” But it seems that the world does not want to hear “America for Americans.” Something is very wrong in that picture. But let’s take the time to look a bit deeper into this dark hole.

Who stands to gain out of an open-border policy? That’s not hard to answer: it’s not the working man of America. It all goes back to politics and votes. Come on now take a guess. That’s right it’s the bleeding-heart Left and the Democratic Party. Still, we need to go back to the Dominican Republic and the Haitian border. There is an artificial line that divides the island of Hispaniola in two. One side Haiti, and on the other side, the Dominican Republic.

There was a time in the past when that split between the two countries was drawn in blood, during what was called the Parsley Massacre in 1937. It was at this point that the two countries would see a turning point in their relations. This slaughter was carried out by the Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo. He targeted Haitians or those who did not look like Dominicans. There would be many Dominicans who would also die during this time. One ridiculous way the Dominicans targeted the Haitians was if they did not have the ability to roll the “r” in “perejil,” the Spanish word for parsley — and it did give them away. The massacre made sure that the Haitians were outsiders and were incompatible with what it is to be Dominicans.

Today, and for the past many years, the relations are very strained. Back in 2013, the Dominican government gave its military orders to round up Haitians and send them to the border. At that time, they were deported back to Haiti. During that time, the military started patrolling neighborhoods with large numbers of migrants. If they could not prove citizenship, then they were repatriated to Haiti. Mass deportations have taken place and large scale sweeps are the rule of thumb within the Dominican government. The government is truly “cleansing” the country of those that it sees as being incompatible.

It has also been stated by the Open Society Foundation that the comparison between the Dominican government’s actions and the denationalization of the Jews in Nazi Germany are justified. Denial of citizenship was one of the first acts perpetrated against Jews in Nazi Germany.

Again, my point is this: America has done nothing as drastic as what other countries around the world have done with people that they did not want within their countries. But we still have those who will say that America and Americans are just horrible for not opening up the gates and welcoming all those who will come for a free way of life. One more eye-opener: Get on an aircraft and take yourself to the border between North and South Korea and cross the border to the North and see how you are greeted. It will not be with open arms. But it will be with arms: it’s called AK-47 machine-gun fire. Just hope you will be killed in that first burst of fire. If not, you could be tortured for years just because you are an American. It has happened and don’t say it has not.

Better yet, go to the Iranian border and cross over. It will not be a very scenic view of the mountain tops and of a lovely people. It will be that of a jail cell and a view of blood-soaked walls and ceilings that were painted with the blood of the other prisoners who were there days before you. So just remember, this is a world that will tell you that you are the “ugly American” who has been horrible to the world’s immigrants, illegal or not. One last thing: We don’t shoot people on our border.

There is not one person on this planet who has the right to tell Americans how bad and mean we are to the people on the other side of our border. If the elite want to have a pity party for someone, then they need to have that party for the American working class — not those who wish to drain us dry and give nothing back other than more dependents.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist