The pollution of US politics

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

In all of my many years of life, I have never seen this country turned upside down as it is today. It’s all because of one thing: The professional politicians and politics.

It is absolutely endless. It is the same day in and day out. It never changes. I do not like to watch the news anymore. When I do, I take the time to watch both sides of the media’s circus. What the hell are these so-called elite thinking? I say “elite” and I do say it sarcastically. For they are only elite in their minds. The people see this farce. They get nothing done, and when they do get something done, it is done in a half-assed manner. I am not just talking about the media, I’m talking about the politicians, also.

I love the fact that they all — and I do mean all — stand around pointing their fingers at one another saying that they can not get anything done because of the other side. In this case, I mean the politicians. Give me a break. They are all cut from the same cloth. On some days they do appear to be a bit brighter, but then, in time, they go dim and, in some cases, into total darkness. The common sense within these people, for the most part, does not exist anymore. Then again, when you do have a young freshman politician who makes it to Washington who does want to do the right thing by the people, he is pushed off to the side and the professional politicians step in. These politicians are the ones who have done very little for the people, but they have done all for themselves — that being padding their own pockets at the expense of the people.

One such case is that of the Democratic senator from New Jersey, Bob Menendez. He is a senior senator who is facing a dozen counts of bribery, conspiracy and fraud charges in a corruption probe in which one of his close friends is involved — that being Salomon Melgen, an eye doctor from Florida. The DOJ’s prosecutors accuse Menendez of taking gifts in exchange for using political influence to help the doctor out in his own court case involving fraud in charges to Medicare. This case started in 2015 for Menendez. The senator received up to $1 million in political contributions from the doctor and this did benefit Menendez. There were also gifts of trips to Paris and other vacation spots.

In the case of Dr. Melgen he was convicted this year on 67 counts. He faces life in prison if there is no deal between him and the federal prosecutors. The Medicare fraud charges involved $105 million stolen from Federal insurance programs. There is the possibility that Melgen will testify against Menendez so he could get a lighter sentence of his own. Menendez still states that he has done nothing wrong. We will, in time, see. I personally think that the doctor will roll over and tell the whole story just to save his own sorry hide.

We can’t let the Republicans slide, for they have had their own problems. The governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell has had his own dish of charges. It seems that he was found guilty of receiving gifts for helping promote a product that was created by one of his friends. These charges were later overturned. The reason being, because it was not an “official act.” I love the way that Washington looks after its own. You and I are not part of that clique. We would go to prison for far less. All you have to do is look at insider trading and what the laws are for the people and the politicians: You and I go to jail, whereas the politicians get rich.

My reason for even bringing all of this up was simple: There are always two sides to a story and then there is the truth. The truth is that both parties do have corrupt politicians within their realm. With that said, that is the problem with the parties and their problem with Trump. The corrupt and powerful old guard of both parties do not like the idea of an outsider coming in to disrupt the way things have been for decades. I can not and will not say that Trump, in his own way, is not just as corrupt as all the rest, for I know the odds are that he is. If he is, this will all come out in time and his head will roll, also. One thing I will do — and hope the rest of the people will do — is give him his chance to prove himself. We all have to hope that he is telling the people the truth, and that he does want to improve the working man and woman’s life.

Trump is not part of the political establishment. He is not one of the old guard. That is the reason that both parties will not work with him. The leadership of both parties is working in tandem — if not in the open, then behind closed doors — to stop any and all effort for his administration to make a difference. If both parties would give Trump the respect and backing that was given to Obama in his first years, then we would have already progressed and gone forward, rather than being in this stalemate where nothing is getting done.

The working-class people are the ones who have and do back Trump because we know neither party cares about us. Trump has shown the people that he does care and he is trying to show the country this. Trump might not be as polished with his words as the career politicians are, but that does not matter to the people.

Trump has what he needs and that is the people backing him. That is all that is important, along with the will of the people. Because we can vote those who do not work for the people out of office. We are the many and the politicians are the few. I personally think we need even fewer than what we do have. We the people have the power to change Washington and we must show it to all of those who work for us.

Between the career politicians and the media, the people do not stand a chance if we keep on believing what is thrown at us. The people have enough problems with just trying to live in these days and times. So why should the government and the media try to make it even harder to get along and get by? The people are not racist, for the most part. It’s the politically correct view that is. The people are fine. Most people do not see life through a racial looking glass.

As I have written in the past. You can not control happy people. But if you keep people on edge all the time, then it is easy. The average man and woman does not give a hill of beans for the politicians. The reason for that is the fact that we know that when they get from us what they want, then we never see them again — until it’s time for another election. The people get used on a regular basis. We get used for our votes and the contributions of cash to help get the politicians back into office.

It is not the big donors who back these politicians, for the most part. It’s the little man who really can not afford to donate but he does. He does this all in the hope that it will make a difference in his life and his children’s lives. He can see past his own nose and does think of the future — whereas the professional politicians see only as far as the next election and what the people can do for them.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist