Back-to-school time should be easier

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

Back to school is hectic, overrated and dull. It is at times like this that I feel our school system would be much better suited if we went to school all year round. I believe, truly, that students do better when given the summer off. However, I think it is the educators who have the worse time dealing with back to school.

In my opinion, it is not required to go over school rules or to add on more from year to year. Which is why I believe it is a waste of time to change the rules of school for the simple reason we are coming back. Book packs for example — that school rule should never change. The way that scheduling works should rather be refined and made more flexible rather than becoming more and more unforgiving.

In fact, what feels like half of the school students seem to be unhappy with their schedule and this seems to be the trend. This, in my mind, would go a lot faster if scheduling was made in a year-long school system so everything is made much more clearer and memories of how to handle things are kept the same.

I am greatly worried about the situation that is the Richmond Senior High School scheduling, however, it seems that the distribution of chrome books have improved.

Annie Blakeley is a sophomore at Richmond Senior High School, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist