A nation in decline

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

I have a true fear in my heart and mind that will not go away. It is a maddening feeling that sits in the recesses of my very being. It is a foreboding of what is to come for our great nation. The stage has been set for our downfall. The players are many that stand on this stage of our demise. The people have been pushed into opposite camps, but not by their own doing. There are people of power who wish for America to be no more. Why would they want for this destruction? Why would anyone want to see one of the greatest nations that has ever existed to be no more?

It is a simple answer to a question that is not simple: Domination of wealth and the domination of our people. Some will say that is too simple of an answer and there is far more to it. Of course, there is far more to this quest for power over the people. What we have here are outsiders pushing their own agendas, but it all comes down to the same thing — and that is control. The control of which I write is everything from what we eat to what we think.

Wedges of division have been set between us all. This did not just happen all on its own, it is by design. Eighty percent of our people want but one thing — that being nothing but peace between all people and the right to have a happy life, a good life without fear of one another. Be damned all racists of all colors who would tear us apart.

When a child is born, it does not have hate in its heart. That child has but one thing in its being and that is love. Hate is taught. But why? Life is already hard enough on us all. So why would you want to burden a child or anyone else with that curse on its life. Day in and day out, more division is being pushed on the people. I thank God every day for my county and my town of Rockingham. I know it is not perfect but we do, for the most part, live among good people. I know there are those who live for hate. They not only hate their fellow man but they hate their own life.

Going forward and not regressing into the Dark Ages is where we must go for the benefit of our children, our country and for our world. Understanding of one another is what we must do at all costs. I know for some, understanding will never take place for they thrive on the pain and hurt of others. Fear of one another is promoted by not taking the time to get to know each other. Sure, we are all different in one way or the other.

One thing about that last sentence. We might be a bit different but we are all the same. People are people regardless of their skin color, the language that they speak or their country of origin. I can not say that I have been all over the world, but I have been in a lot of different countries. I have eyes to see with and I have ears to hear with. I have taken advantage of both. I can tell you in all honesty, we all want the same thing for our families.

We want food for our mind and our soul. We want shelter for our children. It matters not where you come from, all our tears are the same color. The blood in our veins when spilled darkens the soil. All of our wants, needs and desires are truly universal; no one can lay sole claim to any of this. So you must see that we are all God’s children, like it or not.

There does not have to be a divide between any of us . That divide is all by choice. Hate promoters must not be allowed to stand and spew forth their vile thoughts that are tearing us from our very foundation.

This country was founded by people who had a common goal. Freedom and love of God was foremost in that goal of the people. Will we see it all laid to waste by the few and not by the majority? Will we not stand together and say to these who wish our destruction, no more, no more? I question if we will. Does it have to be that way? Of course it does not have to happen. We can and we must help one another to get past these days of trials and tribulations.

These are truly trying times in our nation’s history. We stand at the edge of a crevice. The edge that we stand on is one that can, with very little help, crumble to dust and our land will be laid to waste .

The first crack has been made to the shield of authority. There were those who held recent power who set the people against law enforcement. This started the divide, but there was more to come. When the people see our leaders not standing with law enforcement then that sends a message to the people. That message tells the people that destruction will be tolerated. The destruction of public and private property can not be allowed to take place at the hands of individuals who have been commissioned and paid for this destruction.

Pure lies and hate paid for at a cost that no one can even comprehend. That is the future for us if we do not step away from this division of the people. As we all know, we can change — and we have to change if we want this nation to still exist in the years to come. Those who would sell themselves and continue this hate for mere dollars are not true Americans. They have lost their way and have lost sight of what America and Americans stand for.

To protest is the right of all Americans when they feel and see injustice within our laws and the policies of our government. The destruction of our culture is wrong and I don’t care from what direction it comes from.

The past can not be forgotten. We have had both good and bad episodes in the creation of America. We are a rich land with a short, but rich, history. We are rich in the diversity of our people. That diversity is what has made us a strong nation. That diversity must also be allowed to grow and go forward because it is the true hope for and of our people.

It has become to easy for the media to promote this division of the people. It has also been way too easy for that division to be promoted by all of the politicians of our country. What do these people who wish to destroy our country think it will look like for their own children.

At times, I have not been happy with what Trump has said and done — still, he is our president, like it or not. I fear not for my own life, as I know my life is coming to an end. My greatest fear is the America that our children and their children will inherit. At this moment there is truly a dark cloud that hangs over America.

The winds of change can blow this cloud away from our beloved land. The generations of Americans who have come and gone can not be let down. The generations of the past are the ones that built America, both black and white. Do not allow America to pass to the dust of gone by generations.

Stand up and fight for the rights of our future generations. Do not let our history and heart of hard-working people be destroyed because of hate and a quest for power over one another.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.


Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist