The hope for our nation

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

The hope of our nation rests on the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency. This legitimacy will only come about with all sides working together for the future of the nation as a whole. There is nothing false about hope. It may not change things immediately, but it will change you immediately and that change will change things eventually. Hold on to hope with all of your being.

The Left will tell you that Trump has done nothing while in office for the last six months. That’s fine with me, but that tells me that they have closed their eyes and mind to what Trump could and has offered the people of America. Prosperity comes from hard work and a mindset of having a good life. I cannot understand those who want to destroy this man without giving him but half a chance of making America strong on the world stage. Strength comes to us all when we stand together as one people. How long can and will the Left stand against this man of the people. No, he does not live in the same economical state as most of us, the working people. But he does understand the mindset of the working class — unlike the professional politicians, as they do not.

The mere thought of Trump to these politicians gags these people. Not only am I happy with this thought but I hope they choke on their own words when, in time, Trump turns everything around for America.

I will not put Trump on top of an ivory tower as some tried to do with Obama, for I am not totally happy with a lot of things that he is wasting time on — that being health care. Please, President Trump, let it go for the time being. Approach this at a more appropriate time, for this is most definitely not the right time.

The first thing Trump needs to do is clean out his own “hen house,” take the traitorous ones and be done with them. No slap on the wrist — imprison them for treason against the people. When these people leak the president’s private words to the world, they have to pay a healthy price for their actions and words. We all saw what inside trading got Martha Stewart. Leaking information sets at a much higher degree. The leaking comes at a very high cost to each and every last one of us, that being our national security.

I, with my words, wish to counter those on the Left who say Trump has done nothing for America’s people while in office for the last six months but play golf.

The first on the list has to be the appointment of Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. With this appointment, I see it as balancing the court and a good thing for the people of our land. Trump showed Syria’s Assad what it was like to taste our military might with the destruction of one of his air bases. Funny what 59 missiles say as they stream in. Trump also took us out of the TPP, which was the trade agreement with the nations in the Pacific area. Meaning ,China for the most part. We saw what NAFTA did for Richmond County, our jobs went south.

Illegal immigration is now down 75 percent, that’s the lowest it’s been in almost 20 years. The talk about the wall did not do it. It was the fact that law enforcement can now do it’s job after eight years of being told to catch and release the criminal element onto the American people. The consumer confidence is up to it’s highest point since 2000. That might be so in a lot of areas of our country, but some areas are running behind a bit. I hope in time this will all turn around.

Mortgage application for new homes are on the rise also; they have risen to a eight-year high. Again, some areas of America are doing very well and this can not be dismissed. The timber business got a bit of a boost by Trump putting a 20 percent tariff on lumber being exported from Canada to the U.S. That helps our workers and our America. Bids for the border wall are well underway. It might not be needed if law enforcement can continue doing its job on the border. Deportation of the criminal element is up.

Trump took us out of the Paris accord. The accord did not benefit America as much as it did other nations. Why pay for something for other people around the world who hate America? That’s not hard to understand, but for some it is. The Keystone pipeline was approved in the first few months of the new administration coming into office. As I have stated in the past, this was one of the few things that I did agree with Obama on. I did not agree with the tree huggers. I just had reservations on who it would help the most: Canada or America. We will see. NATO has agreed to come off the hip pocket with more in spending to help police the world. It’s not enough, only about 4 percent. It’s a start but they need to pay much more.

Such a blessing for our veterans, now the VA can get rid of bad employees. Will they? Don’t let our vets die waiting for care. They did not wait to serve America. Honor them at all costs. One good thing has come about now — we can go to private healthcare providers. Over 1 million new jobs have been created. That’s a good start but we need more and, in time, it will happen, if Trump is allowed to do his job without fear of more backbiting.

The median household income is at a eight-year high. Ok, but not everywhere. I know it will take time to get around to all the corners of the country. Wow, the stock market is at the highest point of its history. That’s good for some, but others, not so much. I personally do not trust Wall Street. I hope I’m wrong. What goes up will come down. I hope it’s not a crash. It looks like the Chinese have gotten over the fear of mad cow (disease) from America. They will now import our beef. I almost forgot, about 200 ISIS fighters received a fireworks display from America. It was only one flash but it was big and bright. Such a lovely flash. MOABs are great, but not on the receiving end. Trump was able to stop several companies from moving out of the U.S. By doing so, this means our jobs and money stayed here in America. That means more buying power for the workers of America.

Trump also gave NASA a big boost in funding. Too much has been cut from NASA in the past. It’s sad when you have to hitch a ride to the space station from Russia. But don’t think the rides are free. The Russians charge us millions for this service. We need our own shuttles to space. $600 million has been cut from the U.N. peacekeeping budget. Let the rest of the world share the cost to maintain this force that polices the world. We have paid far too much over the years.

Trump has helped bring jobs back into the coal mining regions of this country. There is a need for low-cost fuel to create power for our manufacturing plants. America has to be able to produce at costs that can compete with the rest of the world. The president has now placed a target on the back of gangs like MS-13. He is also deporting violent illegal immigrants. We have to protect our people from these killers.

So you see Trump has done more than the Left wants to give him credit for. Working for the common good of the people is the goal.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist