The directional attacks on Trump

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Of course Trump knew he would be attacked by the liberal Left, that was a given. This would all come about because Trump busted the liberal bubble. That bubble was the hope of Hillary coming into office and giving the nation another four to eight years of Obama’s failed agendas. The people spoke with their votes and told Washington enough is enough.

Will Washington listen? Only time will tell on that thought. They’d better, if they want to keep their jobs.

Trump had hoped that there would be no attack from his own conservative Right. He did not, and could not, drop his guard on a potential hit coming out of his own party — and it did. It came in the form of jealousy. That jealousy was brought on by the fact that he left so many potential candidates standing on the sidelines thinking to themselves, “What just happened?” What happened was the people saying to the politicians, “We don’t want more of the same, we want a real change for the better.”

The full-frontal attack — well, there were no surprises there. Reason being, it was more of the same coming from a rabid liberal media that made sure of that. You would hope that the media would see some good in Trump, but that is not the case — and never will be as long as Trump is in office. The screaming and gnashing of their teeth will never stop, all because their golden girl is not sitting atop the throne that the media thought belonged to Hillary. There is no one who deserves anything, including the White house. You earn all that comes to you. Nothing should just be given, all because your last name is Clinton.

The only direction that is safe is his back, or his rear, whichever you chose to call it. This is his only safe haven at the moment. His back is covered by his family. There’s just one thing about that statement that carries a lot of weight. It’s not just about his immediate family. You see, Trump has gained a rather large family, that being the common Joe of this country. The common man and woman that voted him into office. These people are the ones who stand with this man of the people. He will be protected at all costs. There are many who wish to see this man falter and ultimately fall and fail. I say this to those people: Wish in one hand and defecate in the other and see for yourself which one fills up first.

What you have here in Trump is a very strong-willed man. I also have to wonder why his words come out as they do at times. That’s easy to explain: He is of the common folk with his words. He is not of the Washington elite, with their pretty words that have no true meaning. He says it like it is there is no candy coating that goes on top. Like it or leave it, it’s your choice — but more people like it than not.

As we all know, death is final, life is full of possibilities. The possibilities of a good and strong life for all of this nation is at hand. Tell me one thing: Why would anyone want to see the president of America fail? These are the thoughts of a fool. As I have written, I gave Obama four years before I had any opinion of the job that he was doing. It was only after that time did I see for myself that he was not up to the job. But that is only my opinion, right or wrong. The election of Trump showed me that I was not alone in the way that I saw what was taking place in our country.

Trump must be allowed to show the American people if he his up for the job also. This will not take place in just six months of effort. Give him just one chance; let him prove or disprove himself. This will take several years. What’s so hard about that one request? Let life come to us, not failure, just because he does not act as all the other politicians do.

President Trump’s first trip out of America to talk to the world’s leaders was a good one, for the most part. The world’s leaders see that America has a strong leader in office. They also see that this man will stand by our friends and destroy our enemies, if need be. To some, he has been looked upon as being harsh in his manner and his words. Who cares? Just as long as the world realizes we will not be walked on as we were for the last eight years. America’s backbone is strong and stiff. Those who wish to tread on America had better take notice. We will not be trifled with. If there are those who think they can use force against us and wish to do so, then have at it. I can not say that we might not get a bloody nose out of a foolish attack from our enemies, for it is a real possibility. I can make this one promise to those who think we are still weak: We will walk on your bones and burn you dead. You can count on it. Play your silly little games and feel the weight of an entire nation on your backs.

We have told our friends we know that we are not perfect and we know that we have problems, just like all of the free nations of the world. There is one thing at this time in the history of the nation: We have incredible power. We have the power of a free people. We are a land of survivors. We came from a very humble beginning. We have suffered at our own hands and by the hands of the world, at times. The attacks on our nation have not stopped us and never will, for we are Americans first and foremost. In the thick of things, we have always put our differences to the side. We stand at those crossroads again, as we have stood many times in our country’s history.

Our country is made up of proud, strong-willed people. In the recent past, we stood together as one — we must have that same resolve to do it again. Now and not later. My blood is mixed blood, but it is still one blood — it is American blood. Those who wish to drive a wedge between our people must be stopped. I care not if it comes from within our nation or from the outside. These who would be traitors to our way of life and to our people can not stand. Answer these questions: What does color have to do with anything when you know that you all are fighting for the same outcome? What does nationality have to do with the freedom of all of this nation? What does the belief in any religion have to do with a better life for all? Not one damn thing does all of this mean. It is all about one thing — that being a happy and free people. All the B.S. backbiting has to go out the door with those who do not wish to contribute to this nation.

Regardless of the directional attack on our president and the defense of him, we ,as one nation, have no real choice in this war of words against Trump. There is but one direction that we can go as a nation of free people and that is forward and never ever look back. We must never look upon each other as anything other than free Americans that the world looks at for guidance and leadership. We must stand together as one and not a divided people.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist