The Left’s artificial intelligence

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

The days of artificial intelligence are upon us all and it’s unbelievable, to say the least. Just take the time to remember back, not that long ago, when there was so much science fiction. Now today that same science fiction is science fact. That’s the same way that artificial intelligence has come to us, but it is not based on fact. Now some people will tell you that you have to be afraid of artificial intelligence. That’s not the truth. You do not have to fear it at all. It has been proven that artificial intelligence is not as intelligent as it wants to make you believe it is. It is not as smart as it thinks it is. Artificial intelligence has told itself that it knows what’s best for the American people, even if the people don’t believe it. But you see, artificial intelligence does not care what the people think is the right thing for them and their lives. This artificial intelligence wants to shove down your and my throat what it believes in, because the people can’t think for themselves.

There are those who will tell you that artificial intelligence is the best thing that could ever happen to America. Those who believe this are the same ones who think the past eight years were the best that this country has ever seen. This past eight years that I write about was the gift from those who were in power. These people of the past eight years are the artificial intelligence that I write about. They were not really as smart as what they told you that they were, now were they? They told you and themselves that they were the brightest bulb in the box. It did not turn out that way, now did it?

It seems to me that if they were the best thing since sliced bread, then they would not have lost — nationwide — more than 1,000 seats of office. The best I’ve ever seen with A.I. was Harry Reid. It seems Dirty Harry was somewhat of a storyteller. Some would just say he could tell a lie if it would put him and his party in the lead, and he did. No time for detail, but one of his best lies came during the election when Mitt Romney was running against Obama. Just look it up and see for yourself. But it did not stop there with Harry Reid and his A.I. — just look to the past. During the 113th Congress, Reid triggered the “nuclear option.” That was in 2013. Democrats in the Senate changed the rules on the filibuster, lowering the number of senators needed to confirm presidential nominees from 60 to a simple majority of 51. You see what A.I. got the Democrats? What were they thinking? Did they really think that they would never be in the minority? Now, the “worm has turned.” The shoe is on the other foot and it will be used against the Democrats. That still does not mean that it is going to be easy on the Republicans to get things done under Trump’s administration.

In the long term, the changing of the rule represents a mighty power shift in a chamber that, for over two centuries, has given more rights to the minority party than any other legislative body from around the world. Now Trump’s party holds the majority in the Senate and is assured of having his nominees approved with less opportunity for Democrats to obstruct his nominees. Karma has a way of getting on your back like a monkey when you least expect it, and it’s hard to shake off at times. The Democrats are reaping what they have sown in the past. The Republicans need not think this will not be a vicious circle in short order.

Another problem for the Democrats is they will be unable, on their own, to stop any of the 127 lower-court judicial appointments that Trump will make this year, because they are either vacant or will become vacant soon. The only help Democratic senators will have depends or their Republican counterparts’ respect for Senate tradition about the appointment of judges in their home states. Some feel with the nature of Washington these days, that tradition might well change.

Republicans in office are feeling the same way as the citizens are feeling about the Democrats. For the most part, the people see the Democrats as not willing to work with anybody who has different viewpoints other than their own. At times, all in Washington have to wonder what Reid was planning when he invoked the “nuclear option” in the first place. One thing that he wanted it to do was to confirm a head of the Consumer Financial Protection Board, which had been created during 2013, or there about. Republicans had opposed Obama’s nominations to that post on the principal that the agency had been set up to be unaccountable to elected officials and unconstitutional. In time it was proven that this was the fact of the matter.

It has also been proven that under this last administration that unbelievable amounts of your tax dollars are unaccountable. It was used without authorization. But no one seems to know how the money was appropriated or why — it’s just gone. That’s a joke and we all know it. It went into the pockets of Washington’s elite and their slush funds that went to pay their family members for jobs that they never went to. Again, for most of the hard-working people of America, it’s not hard to believe where the money went. It did not just sprout legs and run off. Now the A.I. would expect you to believe that it did.

Reid wanted to fill as many vacancies on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals as he could. Three years after the “nuclear option,” it helped Obama establish a liberal majority on the D.C. Circuit Court. This would help Obama give to the world the Internet and more. That brings us to today and the new fight that is taking place in Washington. It appears that we have an “oh my” moment in the Democratic party. In 2006, Neil Gorsuch — only weeks after his nomination — was confirmed by the Senate to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. We now know that he has made it to the Supreme Court. He has always been the type of judge that is approachable and popular with all parties. The American Bar Association has stated that he was “unanimously well qualified” for that posting. I myself have taken the time to watch interviews and read about this man. I do believe that he will be the type of Supreme Court Judge who will look beyond all the parties and will see the law as it was written. I see this man as of the people — not someone who thinks he is above us and the laws of the land. Also, as I write these words, I know why the Left wished to block Judge Gorsuch.

It goes back to the last months of Obama’s administration and the nomination of his pick, Judge Merrick Garland, to fill the vacancy of Judge Antonin Scalia. If Garland had filled Scalia’s post on the court, that would have made it possible that Obama’s choice could tilt the balance of the court away from conservatives for years. The GOP knew that if Garland were allowed to take the seat, conservative grassroots voters would revolt — and for the most part, they did. That is the very reason we now have Trump in office, like it or not. It was the people, not the GOP, that did not want Garland.

So now we see the “nuclear option” coming back to haunt the Democrats and their artificial intelligence. I don’t want A.I. in office — I want real intelligence.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist