An an-cap’s message to the alt-right

By: Chase Rachels - Contributing Columnist

We both agree that the left’s preferred economic systems and values are defunct.

We both see the left as the salient threat to liberty, prosperity and the sustenance of civilization.

However, if we are each sincere in these beliefs, then we ought to realize that aggression is an unnecessary (I would argue counterproductive) weapon in our struggle against the left.

Instead, we should overcome them with better arguments and by insisting their values not be imposed upon us by force or intimidation. Once a free society is achieved, Darwin will surely succeed in inflicting whatever fatal damage to the left that superior arguments were unable to perpetrate.

In summary, we shall prevail by the force of our reason, strength of our example, and success in the market. To resort to aggression is to admit ideological defeat in favor of brutish dominion.

Chase Rachels is an anarcho-capitalist and author of the book “A Spontaneous Order.” He lives in Asheville.

Chase Rachels

Contributing Columnist