The people have spoken

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

The people have spoken. You’re damn-well right they have spoken. I’m not just speaking about the winning party, by no means. I am actually speaking about all the parties and all the people that did indeed vote in this past presidential election. But there were a couple of problems. Most of the voters were not speaking the same language. Or rather, it did not seem that way. Also, the winning party — when they did end up speaking — they spoke with the voice of a people that were fed up with the present administration. The thought of another four to eight years of Obama’s failures in the form of Hillary’s potential failure was too much for the working man and woman to stomach. The feeling of regurgitation at the aspect of more disappointment by the people was far too much to have to deal with.

Therefore, you have the outcome — a winner and a loser. Such is life. This is just the cold, hard fact of life, someone is going to lose in all aspects of life and death. Nobody likes being a loser. But guess what cupcake, suck it up and just deal with it. Eight years ago you had a loser. He and his party had no choice but to deal with it and go on about their life. The losing party did not go into the streets and create mayhem. They excepted the will of the people. They did not destroy the livelihood of the people that were trying to make a living. They did not loot and burn businesses. The fools burned down the stores and gas stations that served the people in the area where they lived. Real bright, would you not say? Destroy your own community.

But that’s not the real truth. There will always be two sides to a story and then there will be the truth. The truth in all of these cases of destruction. It was not at the hands of the people living in the community. The pure fact of the matter is that it came from outside agitators — the “bully boys” from the outside part of the left. These people paid to create problems for the opposite side. It did not help in the election. If anything, it pushed the people to Trump.

Think about it: you saw people getting beat up for being a supporter of Trump, you saw people with broken windows because they had a Trump sticker on their car bumper. Most of Trump’s supporters did not want to bring fire to themselves. Who could blame them? Could you?

The people were silent — then they struck. A death blow the Democrats did receive to their party. It will take years for the Democrats to repair and rebuild their party. The left needs to learn from this lesson. The people are tired of the elite. The people will be quiet and they will strike out at the ones who want to run amok through our streets. I caution you on your actions to bring harm to the people who only want peace. Back a mouse into a corner and he will bite you. He will defend himself. The American patriot will do this also. Meanwhile, you have an outgoing president who is relishing in this childish play acting. Not one word has come from his office to clam these wayward children who burn the streets of America.

While out of the country in this past week, he saw nothing wrong with the people voicing their opinions. I have no problem with that either — even though they are pulling us apart. He still fans the flame of hate within this country. I hope he can live with himself and all of his failures to this country and its people. We never were his people and we never will be his people. We are nothing more than outsiders to him and his group of selfish, self-centered hypocritical minions within his administration. Bigots through and through filled with hate . This hate has spilled over to form rage against the chosen new president-to-be this coming 2017. It’s over. There is nothing the left can do about it. Just like eight years ago.

I, myself, did not form any opinions of Obama until he had come to the end of his first four years in office. I gave him a chance. Why can’t these who protest today not do the same? Just give Trump the chance to turn it all around for the betterment of all Americans. Why is that too much to understand or ask? Part of the problem, these for the most part who do protest, they are nothing but followers and no true leaders. They truly have no idea why they are even there protesting. Ask them and you get answers that make no sense at all. Ask them were the Atlantic ocean is? Ask them who was running as the vice-presidential candidate? You will, in return, get the look of a deer in the headlights. Totally clueless, for the most part. Still in the home on the teat of the parents. Or, if in school, getting passing grades just for showing up for class. Being taught to hate our founding fathers. Our own American history being pushed to the side and forgotten in favor of some other country’s history. These are the schools of higher learning. Today, in competition within our grade schools, there are no winners or losers — we all get a trophy. If you give 10 percent, your’re just as good as your classmate who gave 200 percent. See how that lesson works out for you on a potential battlefield. Almost good enough only works in horse shoes and hand grenades. You don’t need to be 100 percent effective in these two endeavors. However, out here in the real world of the adults, you do have to be a bit more than 10 percent if you expect to live a long and fruitful life.

What these protesters are is the future of America. God save us all if they do not wake up and take on responsibility for their actions. They have the attitude of being owed something. They are of the “give me, give me generation.” Give me, give me, give me some more, you didn’t give me enough. With these people, you will never be able to give them enough. Just like the actors of Hollywood and their fanciful make-believe lives, no reality do these people see — for they are of the elite class, also. They, for the most part, are a step above us who support them — they think. You can climb to the top, but you can also fall from your high-browed perch.

Those who stated that they would remove themselves from this America of ours if Trump won are still here. Does that not show all of us what human waste they are and that their words mean nothing ? They are actionless. Did you not enjoy the tears of a clown? That is what I saw in little Miley Cyrus. Cry me a river. This is what you get from people who were never told no.

Step back, take a breath, put your big boy panties and let us all see what we can do to make America a better place to live for all of us who want to be Americans. Not Mexican-Americans, not Asian-Americans, not African-Americans. But just plain old Americans who want a safer world for all of God’s children. Stop all of this B.S. while we still can. Don’t rip the guts out of this proud nation. Stand proud and stand as one. Be damned all of this division.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist