Our college supports those who protect us

By: Dale McInnis - Contributing Columnist

Richmond Community College is going blue this week. If you look at our website, our signs and our ads, you will see we have a new color and message. The new color and the shield represent our support and commitment to the men and women of Richmond and Scotland County’s law enforcement agencies. Our college is proud to work with, train and prepare the police, deputies and state highway patrol that protect our communities. Looking around the country, cops are under attack, adding greater risk to an already dangerous job. While this is a national crisis, its solution must come at the local level, one neighborhood, one town, and one county at a time. The time has come for us to stand up and defend those who have been selflessly defending our rights, property and lives. Our democracy is based on the rule of law, and it will crumble into chaos and anarchy without effective and just enforcement of our laws.

As in any other profession, there will always be those few officers who disregard the laws they vow to enforce, and disgrace their badges. If guilty of abusing their authority, they should be punished. These offenders represent a very small fraction of the honorable and hardworking officers whose reputations should not be tarnished by the actions of an aberrant few.

Our future as a country, state and community depends on our children. When they are told the cops are their enemies, hatred and intolerance will infect another generation, making us all that much more weaker and less secure. Instead, we need to invest in our law enforcement officers and in our future. We need to encourage those same children to consider law enforcement careers, so they can be part of the solution, not adding to the problem. We need to stop fighting among ourselves and realize it is time to provide our officers with the pay, training and resources that fully prepare and compensate them for the risks they take every day. What will we do when no one answers that 911 call you made for help, because there aren’t enough police?

As president of RichmondCC, there is little I can do directly to address this complex and divisive issue. But as a lifelong resident in our community, I will not sit on the sidelines and ignore this crisis.

Today, and for too many days recently, our college flags are flying at half-mast to honor the deaths of police shot in the line of duty across our country. I urge the people of

Richmond and Scotland Counties to find your own personal way to thank and recognize someone wearing a badge. Our college is turning blue, and we want every officer in every agency to know they and their families are appreciated, valued and respected. Law enforcement will always have a friend, ally and partner in Richmond Community College. Join us and be part of the solution. Take a stand and show them that you, your family and your company are going blue as well.


Dale McInnis

Contributing Columnist