World watches the rise of ISIS, the new-age Nazis

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Again, the eyes of the world are being shielded from the truth. The truth that an abnormal evil is walking the earth in the form of man.

I am not saying there is a normal evil by any means. Evil is what it is. But to say there are not degrees of evil would be a lie to ourselves. We have all said to ourselves at one time or the other that certain children were “just evil.” Is this the truth? Who knows? But this is one form of evil — a spoiled rotten child; a child who is never punished for doing cruel and hurtful things to others. A child who progresses to adulthood never being made to take responsibility for his or her own actions, however cruel and insensitive. No more than an individual who has developed a skill to skate through life making and living by his or her own rules.

Be damned the laws of civilized man or of God. This kind of man, when the times are ripe, picks the most evil. The ones who could crush the heads of the newborn plucked from their mothers’ breast as they nursed. The season of this evil is upon us again. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last as long as mankind runs rampant on this earth.

The quest for dominance over the weak is the nature of this evil I write about. I write not about one man, but of hundreds of thousands who seek this power over us all. Truth be told, the number is in the millions.

Again, the blind eye of the world is turned to the blind side of this truth. We all see it, but most don’t want to see it and hope that it will go away in time. It will, but only after the world bleeds the blood of several hundreds of millions of the nonbelievers.

In the recent history of the world, this evil came in the form of World War II. The blood of more than 60 million was spilled upon the earth. This was all done with conventional weapons. Now the evil side of the atom has been unleashed. Powers such as North Korea and Pakistan and several others have the power to destroy mankind. Even though this power has been in existence since 1945, this is the first time we have had enough rogue countries in power that would use nukes to destroy us all. All in the name of Allah.

Even though it might not be total destruction, a nuclear winter would be bad enough. If America, Russia and China step into the picture, watch for that warm glow that will come from the Fort Bragg area. The glow might not last long, but it will be bright. That will be the last light that we will see for some time to come.

You know the electric grid? It went out in that flash. On the positive side, no more power bills for the next 200 years. You’ve got to look on the bright side — and again, that would be Fort Bragg.

Some will say “you sick bastard!” I say no, just a man who can see beyond his own nose and past the last five minutes in his life and the world’s life. To the past we must go, or as it is written, “History repeats itself.”

I know some of you are tired of me writing about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also have tired of these written words. I wish these wars had never taken place. I cry for the world’s dead — and I mean all of the dead, friend and foe. For these dead were men and women just like you and I. They cried the same tears as you and I when we were told that friends had been killed on the battlefield.

The young pay the price for the wars of old men, friend and foe. The blood of youth feeds the lust of these who would send others — but not themselves or their own — to the meat grinder of the battlefield.

The poor of all countries feed the war machine. It has been said in the past if wars had to be fought by the old men of the world, there would not be wars. I believe this. The ones who start the wars should be the ones who fight these manmade spectacles of human butchery. Never will it happen this way. People are led astray by governments and politicians.

People worldwide are the same. Our needs are the same; we all need food for the body and the soul. We need something to believe in and to live for. Right or wrong, we all have beliefs. But to believe in evil over your fellow man just because he does not share your beliefs is wrong. It still goes back to leadership, but leadership to do the right thing and not the enslavement of others.

The evil I speak of is evil history repeating. The New Age Nazis are on the rise again. The parallels are unbelievable. Iran has all the earmarks of Germany’s Nazi régime. Their quest for world dominance has been proven to be fact over the years.

In the past 40 years, you have seen this spoiled child of a country come to power. A country allowed to hurt and kill worldwide without taking responsibility for the murder of the innocent people of the world. A true leadership of cowards. Horror walks this earth in this form.

The world has turned an eye away from the atrocities perpetrated by Iran’s New Gestapo, that being ISIS. Why? Because it has not had a direct effect upon the people of today — not yet, that is.

Heads have not rolled down our streets by the hundreds. Keep on living your lives with no thought of what could come to America. My readers from 75 vears old and up lived through a time period in which it would have seemed the entire world had gone mad with hate and power over other human beings. They remember, for they were the ones who saw the horror of modern warfare. But now the eye has been turned again.

My words are my interpretations of what I see, hear, feel and believe in. As I have said many times in the past, opinions will vary, as well they should. No viewpoints will ever be the same. I have no true idea of what the Jews were thinking as they were marched off to the German death camps and ultimately to the crematoriums to be disposed of. I will venture a guess at part of it. It was pure childlike naiveté. This naiveté, for the most part, was the true nature of people during that time period.

The ability of the average man or woman to think there was such evil on this earth was uncommon . All it took was a group or party drunk on the power of fear and how easy it was to control people with that fear of the unknown.

The German war machine turned the average German citizen into a fanatic, full of hate for the Jewish people and what they stood for — that being hard work and the fruit that it bears. That fruit is called prosperity. Whatever it took to attain the Jewish prosperity was allowed by the German party that was in power at that time. It too was called redistribution of the wealth of others.

Everything was taken from these people for no reason other than the party in power. The name of the party in power had nothing to do with anything, then or now. It was all because a man had lost his way and chose brutality and evil over goodness.

It started with lies about all the other parties. Insults were next, then it was steeped up with accusations that the other parties were a threat to national security. Investigations of the people in these parties soon followed

Why? There was only one reason. That reason — just because you did not agree with the party in power. Just because you were a free thinker and did not believe in the German propaganda machine. I now see the same childlike naiveté in the faces of our countrymen.

Open your collective eyes up to the pure evil that wishes to take more than just your soul. The American way of life is being destroyed, and the people are just watching and saying nothing.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist