The price we pay for failure

By: Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist

Failures are teachers. Successes are also teachers. You’ll learn faster from the teacher of failure, though, and that’s why the tuition is set so much higher at the school of failure. My point is we, as a country, have paid too high of a price for the lessons that Obama’s school of failure has taught us.

This president came to us basically as an individual with no true background in government or leadership. He was placed there to deal with the job as a beginner — on-the-job training. The highest political office in the government that can be achieved by a man or woman. Why would you think for one moment that the outcome would be any different than what has come to bear this bitter fruit of failure in leadership?

He never was a mayor. He was never a governor. Nor did he ever serve as a military man. He never led men or women in any true form that would have prepared him for the office of the president of the United States of America.

He has proven one thing to me: He is a childish man when he does not get his way. A man who, far too many times, has turned his back to our allies. At the G-7 meeting in Austria on June 8, he did this literally to the Iraqi prime minister. This was just totally rude. It was on all of the news channels. It was there for all to see. Now we add this to the way Obama has treated Israel. It make America look bad to all the world.

All I am bringing out here are the facts that anyone with a computer can research and see for themselves. So don’t tell me I don’t know what I am talking about. The proof is there for all to see. There will be those who do not want to see the truth. All I can say is that you are totally blind to the facts.

Again I state in print: I have no problem with Obama as a man, these are my words to that fact. Even though it is right here in print, some will not see it because they do not want to. The only thing these few see is that I do not agree with Obama. I cannot agree with the course that he is leading us through. For this path that we as a nation tread is a path of loss for the entire country.

My problem is with his leadership — it is poor at best. We all see it, but we all will never accept what we see. That reason, a reason I do understand: Loyalty, plain and simple.

I commend anyone who shows loyalty, right or wrong. I also say: Who is to say what is right or wrong? Loyalty is an honorable trait, one not to be diminished, because others do not have loyalty to this lost cause of changing America to what Obama thinks America should be or look like.

My loyalty is to my country, my flag, my people — that being all Americans and those who want to be Americans. My heart goes to the tri-colors of our flag that some treat as nothing more than a rag. Something to be walked on and spit on . I spit on those who would bring harm to the symbol of this great nation. Far too much blood has been spilled all over this world to let it fall from the sight of the world.

That is the very reason I say we cannot allow one man on his own to do what he pleases with our beloved country. He promised all of us — black, white and brown-skinned people — so much only to let us all down. I see it day by day in my own business and in my community. Stepping back and not forward is where we are going.

Just in recent days, one of my friends who has owned a small, one-man business for the last 28 years told me it’s all falling apart. He has gone from an average day of $1,500 in sales to what is now a great day of $200, with an average of $50 a day. He’s not alone.

My friend who runs the fish market, he spends most of his day in my shop with me. Not a lot of fish being sold these days. Not a lot of anything being sold these days in Richmond County.

I have friends who work on cars. One of those friends stays busy all the time, or used to. Early one morning I went past his shop on the way to work. My friend, his wife and son were just standing there, doing nothing. Four bays were standing empty. He stated “ You know that if I am not doing anything, then the others are hurting real bad.” Truth and nothing but the truth.

Jobs and the economy. This is where Obama’s focus should have been, but it’s not there and never will be.

His claim to fame, the Affordable Care Act, what a joke. But a nightmare for so many. The subsides that the government was going to pay? Don’t count on it.

One of my friends who was so proud that he helped vote Obama in is not so happy now. His first year on Obamacare was great. Then he turned 62 and started getting his Social Security payments. Lo and behold, his insurance payment went from $68 a month to $ 587.

How do you think he feels now that he cannot afford this “affordable care?” He did find a policy on one of these exchanges ran by the government, only $28 a month. Isn’t that great? I think so — only problem is the $27,000 deductible. I do not know all the details and don’t want to know them.

I know this: It’s just a scam of the government to get these payments and give nothing back. So long as you pay into this con game, you do not get hit with a fine on your tax return. Great for the government, not so good for the working man and woman. The illegal immigrants crossing the border and bringing with them all sorts of diseases? Perfect, they reap the benefit of Obamacare.

It gets better. Hillary wants to give amnesty to the illegals who make it here. Reason why? The votes. Remember the loyalty that I spoke of? Give these people citizenship and you have their vote for the next 100 years. What about those of us who have been loyal to our country paid taxes and served our country?

Not so fast, looks as though we do not matter any longer. The blacks and whites of this country have been passed over. We matter not.

Change has come and it is not the perfect, pretty picture that Obama painted for those who voted him into office. It has a very pale print to it. Not to worry — that shade is going to go very dark, very soon. Dark days of pain are coming for us all if we do not reverse Obama’s policies.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.