Work ethic can save America

By Robert Lee | Contributing Columnist

Politically correct? I dare say I’m not.

I am neither Republican nor Democrat. I have no affiliation with the independents or Tea Party. I have stated this in the past, only to have others think they can read my mind and tell me that I am Republican. Get over it — you cannot read my mind or any other man or woman’s mind. But believe what you will.

I am just me. I know what is right and I know what is wrong. Almost everything that is taking place within this government at this time in our history is just wrong.

I have never asked for any help. If I can’t do it for myself, then I just do without — I have pride in myself as a man. I have no problem helping others who do need help.

But I will not help others who can do as I do. All they have to do is get up off their dead butts and work. There is no free lunch — or there shouldn’t be — for a man who can work but will not.

Social Security was never designed to do what it is doing in this day and time. Social Security was designed to help the retired working man and woman who had paid into a system. That system made them a promise.

That promise was that at a certain age, they were entitled to monetary assistance in the form of a government check that was based on the amount they had paid into it.

I will say it again and again until I am blue in the face. This entitled monetary assistance was a promise made by this federal government to the working man and woman of these United States of America and no others. But it is not working out that way.

It is not for every man, woman or child who gets into this country through what amounts to an open-order policy of the powers that be. But that’s what is is taking place.

It is not for every woman, regardless of her color or race, who decides in all her wisdom to have seven children out of wedlock with seven different men. I did say men and not fathers. Because these men are not fathers — they are just DNA donors who have little or no time for their child.

Most of these men will never become part of the family unit.

My heart truly does go out to the elderly, the young, the mentally and the physically impaired. By all means, help those who are truly needy. Not the ones who brag about having another child and the increase in assistance the birth will bring.

Because of the so-called entitlements that go to these people (who for the most part have never paid into the Social Security system) the working man and woman will pay the price in the near future.

The system is broke. The federal government has plundered and pillaged the Social Security system’s treasure chest. They have in turn filled it with IOUs, broken promises and lies.

Entitlements, entitlements — the only people who are due these entitlements are the hardworking men and women of this great and proud country. The country that they built with blood, sweat and many tears of the workers, not of the takers.

These workers — be they black, white, or brown-skinned — they are the only ones who deserve these entitlements.

We have in our country three to four generations of people who, from cradle to grave, have never done anything to help themselves. Their hands are open and will stay open until the giving is stopped.

I have a friend who opened up to me. He told me that when he went on unemployment, the government made it so easy to get free money. He felt like he would be a fool not to take the money like so many others.

But as it turned out, it was not free.

It cost him his dignity and soul.

He told me that it made him lazy, and he stayed depressed because he had nothing to do. He had always been a hard worker and still is. This all took place over two years of his unemployment. He is now working and seems to be a happy and productive man.

The working man and woman of this country are tired. They are tired because they are, in most cases, doing the work of two for the same pay. This is just not fair to the worker. The worker is keeping up the ones who will not work.

These non-workers have been taught how to play the system. They have been taught by others, but they have also been taught by a government for the past six years that they are entitled to free health care, free food and anything else that the government can steal or take from the worker.

Entitled to what? Everything they want so long as you vote us in and keep us in office.

I, for one, will not hold back my words.

Throw the bums out of office. I mean all the parties — we must start over while we still can.

Nero is in the White House, and we all know what happened to the great and powerful Rome. It burned to the ground and wasted away to nothing.

Is America in the stage just before catching fire? I, for one, do think so.

The powers in the White House have spent more than $35 million of the taxpayers’ dollars on just six trips to Hawaii for their Christmas vacations. The last one cost $7 million.

You have people in this county who struggle to survive on less than $7,000 a year.

Welcome to Crazy World, where what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.

I can make you one promise — you ain’t seen nothing yet, folks.

You all know that if you have to work for something, it means so much more to you.

I don’t look up to the actors or rock stars of this country, nor a man who thinks he is a dictator. I look up to the working man and woman of this country who gets up every day and goes to work, sick or not.

Because they have pride and a work ethic. They have a hope of a better day and a better way of life for their children and their country.

This country is still great and powerful. It was made that way by hardworking people, people working for a common goal — a safe and secure life.

We have a history of more than 500 years here in this land that we now call the United States of America.

I beg of you, do not let this great nation of ours pass to dust like the other great nations of the world’s past history.

We, the people — and I mean all the people, working together as one — can turn it around. We have to, we have no choice. Do not let this country waste away to nothing.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.