Opinions — we all have them

Some people can laugh at their own expense and don’t mind doing so on occasion. With that said, I see my own foolishness come out from time to time. That foolishness: Trying to communicate to others a simple point of view that is based in fact.

Those facts are based on everyday news. News as seen on ABC, NBC and Yahoo online news. Everything I write about is not new, it has been hashed over for days if not weeks.

I do take the time to research the subjects that I write about. My words and the subjects are not made up, as some would wish they were. There are those who can’t understand and there are those who can understand but would never admit to it. My critics are few in number and for them, I say this.

If you do not like what I write, then don’t read it. Go elsewhere for your entertainment. Better yet, take your own personal time and do as I do — write. Let us all see how you would fare with your written words. Don’t just make comments, do something more. Put your head above the wall and take personal shots at your expense.

For those who come by my shop to shake my hand and thank me for what I write, I take the time to think all of you. For you are the ones who keep me writing. These columns take a lot of time and effort. The ones who hide behind the Internet, you can’t stop me from writing and never will. Because I know in my heart I am doing the best that I can. I never claimed to be a professional writer, even though some try to hold me to those standards.

My words are my interpretation of what I see, hear and believe in. But my interpretations are not limited to my own viewpoint. It’s not like I am the only one who sees, hears and believes the way that I do. People respond and react to all facts, good or bad.

There are those who will always go on the defensive for what they believe in. I daresay that most of us will do so, for these are the things that we believe in. Opinions will vary, as well they should. No viewpoints will ever be identical, though some are very close in nature. Still, there will be ever-so-subtle differences. It was never meant for all of us to look alike or think alike.

We, all of this great nation, share one thing in common: We want to be here. That greatness can be and should be shared with all who want to bring this nation together as one. There is no good reason for defiance of one another. I do not care what race, creed or color you are. For every last one of us are human beings brought to this world in the same manner — birthed to this world by a mother with nothing in her heart but love for her child, as any mother from anywhere on this planet.

I don’t care what language you speak or what color you are, we are the same. We all bleed the same color. Tears do not come from one race, as we all cry, from birth to death. We all hunger for food. That food comes in many forms — food for the body and food for the spiritual soul.

I don’t care if, that spiritual being is called God, Allah, Buddha, or a host of other names, it comes down to faith. Without faith, we as children of planet earth are lost.

We all seek shelter from the environment. We want to be warm when needed, and also cool at times. We strive to have security and comfort. We always want the best for our children — again this is not a monopoly wanted by one people. It is a universal want and desire of all people. So, you see, we are not that different from one another.

Tolerance of others’ beliefs, as there are others with beliefs of their own, is necessary. Be they alike or different, it is still a belief that has relevance for the believer. Ridicule of an individual without knowing the man from his words is a travesty of not trying to truly understand. Believing one way and only one way will never lead us to a higher plane of communication. Without true communication and understanding, we will never overcome the hurdles that we face as a united people.

There are those who will read the written word of a man or woman and translate those words into their own meanings even though the writer has done his best to show the reader the true meaning of his written words. The written word for some in their mind shows emotion. Some words do bring about emotion. But true emotions can only be seen in the face or actions of the writer. A conversation in person takes away the blinders and shows the true face of the spoken word.

Who among us are without fault? Who among us have lived their life without fault? I dare to say so very few of us have.

At times in our life, we say and do very foolish and hurtful things. For the most part, this is directed at the ones we truly care for and cherish more than life itself. But we do not show this in our words nor our actions.

This is the point that I try to make with these written words — understanding. It’s that simple; just a little understanding will take us all to a better place in life.

I am tired of being told by people who don’t even know me what my political affiliations are. I have none, all I have are my own personal opinions. Just mine and no other’s. I follow behind no man. I am my own man.

I am also tired of other people trying to put their words in my mouth just because they wanted to translate my words into theirs. It does not work that way. Voice your opinion, not mine.

These words take me back to what I just said — understanding. Why can’t people just talk to one another?

I have in the recent past invited people to come to my shop and meet me and talk in person. I am glad to say that quite a few have taken me up on my invitation to come by and talk.

The ones who did take the time out of their busy day found that they could talk to me. One-on-one is a good thing. It is at those times we see that we do have more in common then we would have ever thought.

In person, you see the human part of a man or woman.

Mere written words do not show the true side of an individual. Face to face is what it takes.

Please do not judge a human being by gender or by their color. It is what is in their heart and mind. The action of being compassionate to all is the greatest gift one can give to another.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.