LETTER: Flag bans backfire at the cash register

To the editor:

Hey, it’s Benjamin “Banjo” Davis again. I went to the beach for the Fourth of July and they were selling more rebel flag stuff than ever. Happy for their business, so back off.

Look, these high people want it down, why don’t they look back at the Civil War stuff? The Confederate Army was defeated, but President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated for a second term. Confederate General Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, Confederate Capt. William T. Sherman and Stonewall Jackson were great at what they were trying to do and prove, so leave the damn rebel flag the hell alone!

All my friends back me up and say the best things ever spoken, and they’re behind me 101 percent. God bless America and happy Fourth of July to all my followers and race fans and their friends.

I wish someone would contact Hank Williams Jr. and Kid Rock. Help Banjo out!

Benjamin “Banjo” Davis