Homeschool students earn award

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Courtesy photo Knox and Ben Layton, of Ellerbe, hold up their Memory Master awards.

ELLERBE — Sons of the Rev. Stan and Ginny Layton of Ellerbe, 9-year-old Ben Layton and 11-year-old Knox Layton, each received the Memory Master award Tuesday, wrapping up 24-weeks of intensive memorization efforts.

Memory Master is an honor bestowed to students who have mastered all the memory work learned through the Classical Conversations classical homeschooling curriculum. Classical Conversations defines “mastery” as the storing of information to long-term memory, which means the students do not cram for a single test and then move on; instead they learn to use each fact as a hook for more facts. Or as Knox says, “When our basketball score reaches 19-17, I can’t help but think: ‘In 1917, the US entered the War [World War I] assisting the Allies.’”

During the school year, students (age 4-12) meet weekly at First Baptist Church in Aberdeen and work together to learn facts through song, movement, experimentation, drawing and laughter.

At the end of the year, students who wish to obtain their Memory Masters must recite all 24 weeks of information on three different occasions to three different people and finally pass a proof by the director of 25 percent of the material selected randomly.

This will be Knox Layton’s second year as Memory Master. He achieved the same title last year during Cycle 1, in which Ancient Civilization history facts and corresponding geography were the focus, along with biology, botany, and geology, lists of prepositions, verb forms, and Latin noun endings.

Courtesy photo Knox and Ben Layton, of Ellerbe, hold up their Memory Master awards. photo Knox and Ben Layton, of Ellerbe, hold up their Memory Master awards.

For the Daily Journal

Classical Conversations Memory Masters memorize the following:

• A 12-minute long timeline including 160 events and people recited in chronological order and all 45 U.S. Presidents, in order

• 122 Geographical locations, including countries in Central America and Africa, as well as countries, cities, features, and bodies of water in the Euro-Asian continent

• 24 Science facts (in complete sentences) on ecology, astronomy, and physical science, including Laws of Thermodynamics and Newton’s Laws of Motion

• 24 history sentences

• 6 Latin conjugations (and their meanings) for the verb love

• Times tables to 15×15, squares, cubes, unit conversions, geometric formulas, and the algebraic laws of addition and multiplication

• Definitions for pronoun, noun, adverb, adjective, gerund, appositive, conjunction, and interjection; types of nouns; coordinating conjunctions; adverbs telling to what extent; and 65 pronouns