County names new roads

By: Gavin Stone - Editor

ROCKINGHAM — The Richmond County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved names for new roads based on suggestions that came from a March town hall meeting.

The changes are due to the coming I-73/74 which has created new service roads in the area between Rockingham and Ellerbe. The four new roads are:

• Guardian Way runs parallel to U.S. 220 between Billing Covington Road and Haywood Cemetery Road.

• Harmony Robinson Road is a new road located off of Harrington Road.

• Berry Patch Road runs parallel to U.S. 220 between the north and south ends of Haywood Cemetery Road.

• Old Woods Road runs parallel to U.S. 220 between Dockery Road and Sandy Ridge Church Drive.

Planning Director Tracy Parris said all but one came from a suggestion from a resident in the area, 17 of which attended the town hall.

Parris said that Guardian Way was nearly called Samaritan Road or Samaritan Colony Road but wanted to avoid confusion with the existing Samaritan Drive for 911 services.

Harmony Robinson Road is so named because a Robinson family and Harmony Church are the two properties on the road, according to Parris. Berry Patch Road was the most popular name, Parris said, with about seven of the 17 town hall attendees in agreement on that name.

The $145 million bypass project will be completed within three years and will continue I-73 from the curve near Harrington Road around Rockingham and reconnect with with U.S. 74 at the interchange between U.S. 74 and U.S. 74 Business, south of Old Charlotte Highway. This, in addition to the Wadesboro and Monoe bypasses, will create an interstate from Winston Salem nearly all the way to Wilmington, with Richmond County at the center.

This project was originally scheduled to begin in 2026 but was accelerated in January to go out to bid this fall under the new the new State Transportation Improvement Plan. it will begin construction at the end of this year or early next year.

The dangerous curve on U.S. 220 South will remain in place as the main path to Rockingham from Ellerbe for the duration of the construction.
Interstate project created side roads

Gavin Stone


Names of new roads:

• Guardian Way

• Harmony Robinson Road

• Berry Patch Road

• Old Woods Road

Reach Gavin Stone at 910-817-2674 or [email protected]

Reach Gavin Stone at 910-817-2674 or [email protected]