Rockingham City Council sets public hearing for rezoning request, dates for auctions

By: By Gavin Stone - Staff Writer

ROCKINGHAM — The city council approved a motion Tuesday night to hold a public hearing on a rezoning that will allow a resident to build a home on a previously undeveloped plot of land on Roberdel Lake and approved two auctions of city-owned property to be held next month.

The rezoning was requested by William Currie IV who has purchased 5.9 acres of land at the end of Hudson Street with plans to build a home. The land — which has Roberdel Lake curled around it on three sides — was previously zoned as open space and would be converted to rural residential if approved.

Assistant City Manager John Massey explained that the city has been updating the boundaries of its open-space zoning districts over the last 10 years as mapping technology has improved and that the property Currie has requested be rezoned is “coincidentally” one of the last areas within city jurisdiction that has yet to be updated.

“(The zone in question) was created about 40 years ago before mapping technology (became) what it is today and the boundaries of that open space zone do not match up perfectly to the environmental features it was designed to protect,” Massey said.

The open space designation is used to preserve undeveloped areas that are environmentally sensitive, wildlife refuges, passive recreation areas, scenic areas, or are otherwise justified for preservation, according to support documents provided by the city.

A portion of the property is located in a floodplain. The new zone will follow the high-water mark of the pond, which Massey said is consistent with previous efforts to correct the outdated boundaries.

“The highest part of the property is actually zoned (open space) which really doesn’t make any sense,” Massey said.

The land is not big enough for any other homes, according to Massey.

The public hearing was set for the Council’s meeting in May.

The council approved an auction of surplus and unclaimed property to be held on May 19 at 10 a.m. at the Rockingham Public Works Complex at 800 Rockingham Rd. The items available will include vehicles, bikes, computer equipment, tools, a fire truck and “numerous miscellaneous items,” according to the order.

The other auction will be for the old City of Rockingham Library at 302 Leak St. This auction will start at 10:30 a.m. on May 24 in Rockingham City Hall.

The council also approved an update to the Pee Dee Lumber Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan, which is required by federal and state law to be adopted to remain eligible for certain types of grants. The full plan is 537 pages in length, most of which was not relevant to the city, but Massey said there is virtually no change to plan from the last time the council voted on it five years ago. The full text is available at City Hall.

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By Gavin Stone

Staff Writer