Norman to hold inaugural spring concert

By: By Gavin Stone - Staff Writer

NORMAN — Richmond County’s northernmost town hopes to start a new tradition this spring with its Chic-n-Pick-n Bluegrass/Country Jamboree.

The event, scheduled for April 28, will feature live music, food and craft vendors, as well as a display of antique tractors to honor Richmond County’s farming roots. Making use of its new stage, the town will play host to singer-songwriter Abigail Dowd, a Southern Pines native with Richmond County ties, and hopes to attract more local talent to round out the day’s lineup.

Norman Mayor Kenneth Broadway said he wants to make the event a regular music series for the small town that also boasts Norman Fest in October, which began in 2010 and draws thousands out to the town which — according to the 2010 census — has a population of 138 people.

“The northern part of our county needs to be noticed more and by doing stuff like this, it’s sure to bring out more people,” Broadway said. “We might even get a stoplight one day.”

The Jamboree is going to be a more adult gathering than Norman Fest, he said, which last year had a petting zoo and rides for children. Broadway said he wanted to show off the antique tractors because they represent what Richmond County is “known for” and it’s something residents may not see anywhere else. He is planning for “a good showing” of tractors at the event.

“Farming is our biggest commodity up in the northern part of our county … so why not aim our event to recognize the ones who are the (backbone) of our nation, the farmers?” Broadway said in an email. “Norman has (always) been a rural town and if not for today’s farmers, we might not exist.”

Vendors have recently started signing up for space at the event, and it’s unknown how many there will end up being.

“Hopefully it’ll build up like Norman Fest has,” Broadway said.

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By Gavin Stone

Staff Writer