Richmond County deputies respond to strolling swine

By: By Gavin Stone - Staff Writer

CORDOVA — If you ever find yourself around the portion of Hitchcock Creek near the von Drehle plant, you may come across Mable, a hog that’s known to roam the area.

Richmond County Sheriff’s deputies received a call around 5 p.m. on New Year’s Day that a wild hog was loose and possibly freezing in the cold. The man who made the call later posted photos of his encounter in the Facebook group “What’s up Richmond County!” and stated that the hog “came after me initially…twice…” and warned that hogs “can turn wild after just a short few weeks in the wild.”

But it’s not wild, according to Chris Singletary, it’s just Mable — and she’s been the family’s pet for about three years.

“She would never hurt a soul … she’s scared to death of everybody,” Singletary said. “Let me get some dog food and I’ll show you how ‘wild’ she is.”

The family lets Mable roam the area, and said she always returns home at night for food and shelter. Sgt. Cory Jones, one of the deputies who responded to the call, said he didn’t recall the caller reporting that Mable had charged him, and said she was “curled up in a pile of leaves trying to get warm.”

“She knows what she’s doing” even when she’s wandering around, said Deana Singletary. “She’s not ‘feral.’”

Two neighbors and a clerk at a nearby store confirmed seeing Mable from time to time. One of the neighbors reported feeding her often over the last year, despite her once eating the corn kernels from a cornhole game set that was in construction. Nelly Johnson, the attendant at a waste site near the Singletary home, said she saw the hog hanging around at a pool of water along Hitchcock Creek on Dec. 23.

Chris Singletary said people have often stopped to look at her or take pictures, but now with the attention of Facebook and the Sheriff’s Office, he is worried for her safety.

“I understand people being concerned,” he said. “If people just look and leave her alone, she’ll be fine.”

Messages sent to the Facebook poster were not returned in time for this story.

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By Gavin Stone

Staff Writer