9 inmates charged in jailhouse brawl

By: By Gavin Stone - Staff Writer
J. Locklear
R. Locklear

ROCKINGHAM — Nine men have been charged in connection with a fight that occurred Sunday at the Richmond County Jail.

Larry Tremayne Burson, 40, allegedly started the fight by hitting Jimmy Ray Locklear Jr., 31, repeatedly with closed fists “on and about the head and face,” according to the warrant.

At that point, the others — Ryan Benjamin Locklear, 30, Nicholas William Cox, 17, Christopher Mark Robson, 44, Kyle Eugene Sanders, 24, Deanthony Marvel Dumas, 30, Steven Wayne Crowley, 26, and Michael Martin — joined in, according to warrants.

Each was charged with misdemeanor simply affray for fighting Burson.

Burson was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery on Jimmy Locklear Jr., and misdemeanor public disturbance. Jimmy Locklear Jr. was also charged with misdemeanor simply affray for fighting Burson.

Because each man was already incarcerated, their bonds relating to these offenses were added to their previous bond. Ryan Locklear had $118,000 added to his bond; Cox, $20,000; Robson, $10,000; Sanders, $20,000; Dumas, $10,000; and Crowley, $483,000, according to court records.

All of them will appear in court for these offenses on Jan. 4.

State court records show Burson has multiple pending charges are: four misdemeanor counts of assault with a deadly weapon; four misdemeanor counts of resisting a public officer; two misdemeanor counts of assault on a government official; one felony count of malicious conduct by a prisoner; one felony count of attempting to obtain property by fraud; and one felony count of being habitual felon.

Ryan Locklear’s pending charges are: three felony counts of breaking and entering a motor vehicle; one felony count of conspiracy to sell and deliver marijuana; and three counts of misdemeanor larceny. All of these charges are in Robeson County.

Cox has five pending misdemeanor counts of resisting a public officer, according to court records.

Robson was charged with double murder in August.

Dumas has a pending felony count of breaking and entering and a pending felony count of larceny after breaking and entering, records show.

Crowley has numerous pending charges of identity theft all across the state.

Jimmy Locklear, Jr. has one pending felony count of larceny of a motor vehicle, one pending felony count of common law robbery and two pending traffic violations, according to court records.

All defendants facing criminal charges are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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By Gavin Stone

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