New fire ratings in effect for Old Richmond

PFAFFTOWN — The Old Richmond Fire and Rescue has spent four years planning and working toward improvements in their department.

According to Fire Chief Alan Farris, improvements include a new KME pumper tanker with the capacity to hold three times the water of previous trucks, hose spanning four times the distance, and a turbo draft which can draw water 100 feet from the source. In addition, the department has worked to increase training for all members. These changes are crucial for rural areas with limited hydrants.

“When we felt like we had achieved the improvements needed, we called the Department of Insurance for an inspection,” said Farris. The Old Richmond Fire District has completed it’s inspection. North Carolina Insurance Commissioner and State Fire Marshall Wayne Goodwin announced that effective May 1, the department has new ISO fire ratings.

Properties within 5 miles of Station 27 have moved to a ISO rating of 5, those within 5 to 6 miles have moved to a 9E rating. Both changes are improvements from the previous ratings.

The new ratings may affect the fire insurance premiums for properties in the district. “A $100,000 home could see a couple hundred dollars in savings,” said Farris. The higher the property value, the more savings you could see.

Pleased with the results, Farris is already looking forward. “I would love to get a substation,” he said. “It will take several years to aquire the funding.”

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