Sex offender arrested, shocked with Taser


By Corey Friedman |

PATRICK, S.C. — A sex offender wanted for failing to register was jailed this week after allegedly exposing himself to his grandmother.

Chesterfield County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Crowley Dixon Lane on Monday evening to investigate an incident involving 33-year-old Joseph Elijah Dixon of Waynesboro, Georgia.

A 71-year-old woman told sheriff’s Cpl. Randy Kerns that Dixon had stayed overnight at her home and showed her his genitals. Dixon’s father came to the home and picked the man up before deputies arrived.

Kerns went to Dixon’s father’s home on Winery Road to put him on trespassing notice, according to an incident report.

“(The victim)” stated she did not want to press charges but wanted him gone,” Kerns said in the report.

Kerns said Dixon gave him a false name and said he had been at his father’s house all night. Dixon’s father told the deputy his son was wanted in Georgia for failing to register as a sex offender.

Kerns arrested and handcuffed Dixon and placed him in the back of his patrol car. As the deputy spoke with Dixon’s father, Dixon allegedly used his cuffed hands to bang on the patrol car’s window and kicked the door.

“I heard him hit my car window and door several times,” Kerns wrote. “…I went over to his door and shined my flashlight in the window to see what he was doing. I could see that he was able to move his hands from behind him to in front and unbuckled his seat belt.”

After calling for backup, Kerns opened the door and told Dixon to put his hands behind his back. Kerns wrote that Dixon refused and resumed kicking the door.

Kerns stunned Dixon with a Taser as other deputies responded to his call for assistance.

After taking Dixon to jail on charges of giving false information to police and causing malicious injury to personal property, Kerns searched a law enforcement database and confirmed that Dixon was wanted in Burke County, Georgia.

Dixon is listed as an absconder on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s sex offender registry. Records show he was convicted of felony statutory rape in May 2006 and that his listed address was last verified on Feb. 3 of this year.

Dixon was held in the Chesterfield County Detention Center pending extradition to Georgia.

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