Winter setbacks, scholarship opportunities

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing columnist

The winter season has been very hectic. This year, we all got what we were looking for: the cold. For the past two or three years, our winters have ran rather warm. This year, however, we’ve gotten quite a bit of snow.

What with the snow and the winter break, you’d think everything was rather calm — but you’d be wrong. The snow has pushed back the first semester of school and teachers are having an extremely hard time trying to wrap up the end of the semester. Right when you think we’ve been freed by the snow — we learn we are getting more. Exams were expected to start the same day as our little snow flurries.

Recently, I have also gotten the flu, which made my school work catch up with me. Frantically, I’ve been trying to work on assignments and pay extra attention during review. Luckily, it will pay off in my midterms and exams.

Aside from being behind in the school year and behind on my school work, I’ve been working on two rather difficult scholarships: the Moose Lodge Youth Awareness and the American Legion oratorical scholarship. The Moose Youth Awareness Program requires the candidates to give a minimum of three talks to kids between the ages of 4 and 9 that promote good choices or behaviors. The candidates are then voted on by teens in their state and a district winner is chosen. This candidate will travel to Boston (this year) where they will give a presentation of their speech to other state winners who will vote on the best presentation.

The American Legion one is a speech-based scholarship that is also divided by rounds. The prepared speech is on the citizen’s role in government and must be 8-10 minutes, memorized. Another speech must be given without note cues that is chosen from a list of topics. This speech must be 3-5 minutes long.

Please pray for me, God will be the only reason for success in these situations and I am hopeful I am going down his chosen path in order to be able to get myself through college.

Annie Blakeley is a sophomore at Richmond Senior High School, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing columnist