Joy of Christmas is year round

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing columnist

Every year, people make it evident that they disapprove of celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving. These individuals squander the Christmas spirit by implicating rules such as no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.

We are told we cannot decorate, we cannot make merry Christmas music and we cannot wear Christmas attire. All forms of Christmasing are chastised.

However, preparation for the holiday begins way before — in July and sometimes sooner. Choir and band kids prepare on Halloween for our Christmas performances and presents are bought for the next holiday on New Year’s Eve, occasionally.

It is important that you remember not to limit yourself as some Christmasers do. Sing merry songs and speak of joy and peace on earth at anytime, because the spirit of Christmas is more than the nightly Santa run. Christmas is a time we recognize and celebrate our God. Christmas, the birth of Jesus, should be celebrated more often then on his birthday. We should be thankful for him every day of the year.

As Mrs. Erin McNair puts it, “I’m thankful for Christmas.” On Thanksgiving, we, as a country, traditionally remember our thankfulness. Thankfulness for our family, friends, country and the history of our nation. But we should mostly be thankful to God.

Annie Blakeley is a student at Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing columnist