Dressing different for Spirit Week

By: Annnie Blakeley - Contributing columnist

Homecoming is celebrated for the return of alumni back home. It is most often associated with the dance, the parade and the football game. Throughout the week students are asked to dress according to daily themes to show off their school spirit.

Personally, I believe that this promotes the creativity of students. It is unfortunate that the days chosen were very similar. They are as follows: Character Day, America Day, Class Color Day, Pair Day and Green and Gold Day. However, a few students were able to pull off their outfits through their innovation. I feel that the majority, however, repeated outfits.

The event itself was rather fun. On character day I was Tinker Bell. The characters that made me happy to see were the Cat in the Hat and Belle. On America day, most students wore red and blue tie-dye shirts. My favorite costume happened to be a girl dressed as a bald eagle. On Class Color Day, seniors wore black, juniors wore purple, sophomores wore pink (my class) and freshmen wore orange. On Pair Day, my brother and I dressed as teachers and Friday I planned on wearing a green dress.

Hopefully this week goes as well as this past week.

Annie Blakeley is a sophomore at Richmond Senior High School, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.


Annnie Blakeley

Contributing columnist