Teens watching the weather

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

The lack of interest in news among students is, no doubt, still present. However, it would appear that in times of concern there are more teens paying attention to the news.

During the recent weather-related dangers in our country, teachers were updated more and more by the students. Friends worried about the plan they may take in accordance with the hurricane’s path.

The demeanor of a few of my friends showed how anxious they were and there was some celebration when we discovered that we would not have to be concerned.

But while we still were unaware of the hurricane’s path, we talked about what to do in preparation and weather updates.

Now that we have discovered that the hurricane has hit somewhere else, I expected an uproar of volunteers, donations and money exchange.

The storm could have been in our territory which, is why I would have thought we’d feel more moved to offer support — as a community of five is better than one.

Out of shock, teens watched the news more and more often as it seemed to directly affect their lives. Yet, now I feel that the power should help us be able to feel more charitable.

Annie Blakeley is a sophomore at Richmond Senior High School, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.


Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist