Find a variety of activities in 4-H

By: Alyson Hoffman - Extension At Your Service

Another school year has started and we parents are scrambling to find a sport, a hobby, a niche where our youth fit in or belong. At our house, we take horse-riding lessons, play soccer, participate in church youth activities — and, of course, we are in 4-H!

At times, it seems like a never-ending list of activities “to do.” So, why do we keep doing it? For our kids and their development of course! Each one of these activities, although some may only be for a short time, shapes our children into responsible, confident, caring young adults.

In Richmond County 4-H, our focus is to emphasize “learn-by-doing” activities through club meetings held one time per month for youth ages 5 to 18. Richmond County has four community clubs: Richmond County Livestock Club, Shooting Sports 4-H Club (must be at least 9 years old), 4-H Eagles Homeschool Club and Cooking Clovers 4-H Club. Each club specializes in a different area and trying a few different activities may help your child decided what he or she really likes to do. One mom recently sent me a picture of her child with a caption that read: “4-H has inspired her to be a Can Do person!!!!” Don’t we all want our children to be “can-do” individuals?

Membership to join is free and becoming a 4-H member is as easy as filling out an enrollment packet and turning it in to the Richmond County Extension Office. Once you become an enrolled member in 4-H, then you may attend as many activities as you would like. Your family will receive a monthly 4-H newsletter that details all upcoming activities and events. Parents, did I mention that we have a movie and game night (ages 5-11) once per month so that you can have a few hours off? Being on our mailing list, you are also the first to know about summer camp registration.

Don’t think one of these clubs will be for your young person? How about a new club that will focus on comic-con, anime, science experiments, Minecraft and all things technology? An interest meeting for a new club will be held Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. in the 4-H office, located at 123 Caroline Street in Rockingham. Come meet the new club leader and learn about all of the great opportunities available throughout the school year.

Richmond County 4-H is a great place to meet new friends and learn about different topics, all while having a great time. Come visit us for Movie Night or come to each club meeting, the choice is up to you. We would love to have your family involved in Richmond County 4-H.

Do you want more information? Give us a call at 910-977-8255, email me at or check out our Facebook Page: RichmondCounty4H.

Alyson Hoffman is the 4-H youth development agent for the Richmond County Cooperative Extension office.

Alyson Hoffman

Extension At Your Service