Eclipse: A final science assignment

By: P.L Montgomery - Guest columnist

To the Richmond Senior High School alumni science students of Mr. Montgomery from 2003-2009:

Please be quiet and listen. This is my final assignment to you.

As I taught you astronomy, we discussed lunar and solar eclipses, at which time I told you about the full solar eclipse of 2017. Most of you, at the time, could not conceive of anything 10 years in the future. “Aarrgh! We’ll all be dead!”

Well, here we are. Tempus fugit — time flies along quite quickly, but that is for another lesson.

Aug. 21, the solar eclipse will be total (100 percent) in central South Carolina. You are to get a map and go early. Please do not get any “special glasses or any device to to look directly at the sun until it is total. The corona will appear, then you may observe it directly for about two minutes. Any other time, simply use a sheet of cardboard with a small hole in it and observe the sun’s image on the ground (sidewalks are best).

The usual two-page, single-spaced, hand-written report will not be necessary.

P.L. Montgomery is a retired earth and environmental science teacher at Richmond Senior High School.

P.L Montgomery

Guest columnist