A busy spring break schedule

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

This spring break has been planned to be very busy.

Along with the beginning of spring break, there are many plans that have been made. The 13th was my sister’s birthday, as well as Rocking For a Reason and baskets to Cordova. On the 17th, I plan to have my wisdom teeth cut out and I have plans with my grandfather and my textbooks.

Though I have been looking forward to spring break, I do not look forward to these plans — especially because I must study for upcoming tests with my newly missing teeth. However, I am looking forward to getting rid of my teeth and not having to go to school.

This past Thursday is by far the busiest. For those who do not know, Rocking For a Reason is a fundraiser for a chosen local charity. This yea,r the profits are sent to Pennies for Heaven. The high school Beta Club hosts a lock-in open only to high school students who have raised $40. On this day, the ninth-grade Beta Club will host a get together with Cordova. The day will include a party and basket giving.

Despite some of my plans this spring, I am very excited and hopeful.

Annie Blakeley is a student at Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.


Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist