Change of seasons alters mood

By: Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

With each season springs new emotions.

With every year, my mood reflects the weather. On warm days I feel happier and more content. The heat is comforting and the breeze makes me feel listless. The cold weather causes me to undergo stress and depression.

It’s not that I dislike the cold either. It just seems to bring me down. That’s why I much prefer warm days — even if I blister.

This time of year is an emotional roller coaster. Though spring can be on the cooler side, I still take comfort in the sunshine and breeze that comes through.

Rather than my emotions reflecting the weather, I’d say that my emotions reflect the season. On any given spring day, I am significantly happier then on any day in winter. Though my mood still improves when we have unexpected days that do not reflect the season. Which is both a blessing and a curse. As I am never emotionally stable and am opt to change frequently at certain times in the year.

Though this may seem strange, it is clinically proven that if you are exposed to light for prolonged time you are more likely to be happy. This is why I recommend going for a walk on days like this in the sun. This time of year is hard for everyone, no matter what aspect you look at it — work, school, Valentine’s Day. Whatever the case, one of these is sure to cause a certain amount of anxious worry.

Annie Blakeley is a student at Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist