Readers sound off on BB guns, Redskins name

First Posted: 6/25/2014

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On whether BB guns should be considered “dangerous firearms” that childern under 12 cannot lawfully use without adult supervision in five North Carolina counties:

No. I think we try to use the law to ensure parents are being good parents.

Gary Doc Chavis

It should be up to parents, not the state or government! And if the child is not taught proper gun safety and happens to do some damage, then the parents should be held responsible.

Kevin Rainwater

No. BB guns at a young age can help with firearm skills later in life. They can help produce skilled marksmen and safety-minded shooters. It’s important to teach this at a young age so it will be a finely honed skill by time they are young adults. It doesn’t hurt for a parent to train their child on how to use an air rifle. Many kids come from broken homes these days and never get taught these skills, which is a bigger problem that’s never addressed.

John Currie

It is up to the parents to make sure their child knows all the dangers and safety procedures associated with firearms. My child has targets that she shoots at toward the woods away from any people or houses. She knows that if she shoots and kills any type of animal, she has to clean and eat it. As long as children are taught properly and are responsible with it, then I don’t see a problem with them shooting by themselves. There are kids who start out very young hunting with rifles and shotguns with adults.

Dawne Miller

On whether Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder should change the team’s name after the U.S. Patent Office canceled his trademarks, finding that the nickname is offensive to Native Americans:

I can’t believe that this is taking top billing over everything else that is going on in this world. I think the government needs to get their priorities in order. The people I know who are Native American or part-Native American have no problem with that name. Should they change it? No way. And I’m a Cowboys fan!

Eddie Brown

It’s getting a little ridiculous with so many people getting offended these days. Our freedom of speech is no longer our freedom.

Renee D. West

No! If the government does force them to change it, then they are going to have to make Florida State change their mascot, Kansas City change theirs and so on and so on.

Fred Shayler Jr.

Government should do their job and stay out of issues such as this.

Peggy Musgrave

On the N.C. Department of Transportation’s decision to lower the speed limit on a stretch of Wiregrass Road east of Rockingham from 55 mph to 45 mph:

I’m not a fan of the drop to 45 mph on Wiregrass Road. It would be interesting to see the root cause of the one traffic accident every eight weeks on average. I wonder if they include accidents at the U.S. 1/Wiregrass intersection and the County Home Road/Wiregrass intersection. I suspect this data can be skewed to favor dropping the limit. Then the next question would be how many of these accidents were due to speed exceeding 45 mph? This does appear to be more of the NCDOT trying to appease an individual instead of making a safety decision.

Brian Goodman

On coverage of the NAACP’s continuing Moral Monday protests against conservative policies at the state legislative complex in Raleigh:

The race card. Signaling ignorance for 30 years and counting. It’s racist to require that each person voting in an election is doing so in a legal manner? It’s racist to try to ensure/protect the votes of properly registered taxpaying citizens from undocumented individuals with questionable motives? Sounds like the participants of “Moral Mondays” need an education in morality.

Chad Webb