What He says, He means

First Posted: 5/30/2012

Mr.Shutt you are correct,anyone that harms his chosen people will reap the whirlwind,either in this life or at the end of this present world.The way I interpret scripture all gentile believers have to be grafted into the people of Yisrael.Nowwhere do I read where Yisrael is grafted into the converted gentiles.All converted of Yisrael will be saved and those that have been grafted into the chosen nation.He said I have chosen Yisrael and he told his deciples that I have chosen you .The deciples knew him by Hebrew name.Jay you said he means what he said in his word,if you believe this reread all the third day ressurection verses.The pulpits are wrong to preach that he was crucified on friday .I spoke this lie many times ,now I believe he was in the grave three days and three nights.Keep searching,you will find the truth.