Readers weigh in on Common Core, fracking

First Posted: 6/10/2014

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Here’s what readers on Facebook had to say about recent stories in The Daily Journal.

Richmond County Schools’ superintendent and state Rep. Ken Goodman tell The Richmond County Daily Journal why they believe state lawmakers shouldn’t do away with national Common Core curriculum standards in the story below. Do you think North Carolina should keep Common Core? Why or why not?

Don’t know if Common Core is the right system or not, but neither do these politically motivated legislators. What is their plan? Do they even have one? I think not, but, by golly, long-term thinking is not something that the GOP-run North Carolina General Assembly has been accused of recently. At least Ken Goodman is thinking about the ramifications.

Sandy Browder

I took the Common Core math test last year. Everyone gets the same test and it’s above a freshman year of college because my sister could not identify what we were learning and she finished Richmond Senior High School with a 4.0 grade-point average. It took a genius to pass that class.

Russell Parker

We just need an educational curriculum that has no political agenda behind it pulling the strings.

Kevin Rainwater

Fracking’s been in the news a lot this week, and it could have more local impact than you may have realized. A site right here in Richmond County might be subject to test drilling for shale gas. What do you think about the possibility of hydraulic fracturing in your backyard?

If it does happen, I will definitely be moving out of this county!

Kevin Rainwater

Horrible. I’m not interested in exposing my children to cancer-causing chemicals.

Teresa Marie Thompson

Very unhappy about this, and would seriously consider purchasing a home in a surrounding county.

Kelli Easterling

Personally, I am disappointed in our elected leaders and would advise everyone to let their opinion be known at election time. Especially troubling is the fact it is illegal to make known the chemicals they will be using.

Joan Bennett

I will definitely move to Scotland County if they do this.

Taylor Wall

I’m against it, this is the wrong choice for Richmond County.

Amy Maples

The county commissioners can vote on behalf of the people to ban fracking. Anson County banned it last year or a few years back, I don’t remember. Someone needs to propose it and submit it to the county commission.

John Currie

And folks may not even own the mineral rights under their land — check your deeds.

Sandy Browder

No! This is not how Richmond County should prosper. Richmond is not the place for that.

Russell Parker

Your elected officials made this decision. If you don’t like it, vote them out — and it can’t be soon enough.

Louis Newton

Thanks to everyone who voted for the state GOP.

Charlie Heeley

It’s too late to comment! The case is closed and our objections went unheeded.

Lenna McLean