The world is watching

First Posted: 1/29/2014

We are watching the weaponizing of the government against the people.

When you have the Imperial leader stating “I can act on my own without Congress,” you better be opening up your eyes and mouth. The day is coming when you will be called an outlaw for voicing your opinion, and if you can’t see what is coming I feel sorry for you.

This administration wants you to be blind to what is taking place and not voice any opinion if it does not match theirs.

When Obama told the people “I have a phone and a pen,” he told Congress and the rest of us that he would do what he wanted to do with the laws of this land.

We as a country are living in trying times. This country is being torn apart with failed policies and no respect for the history of the Constitution.

Constitutionally, has the executive branch of this government broken the law with its executive orders? Sure the politicians in Washington are talking about the injustice of Obama using executive orders, but they are doing nothing about him going around Congress to get what he wants.

Talk is cheap, and it is apparent that this cheap talk is coming from all parties. These parties represent the people and our country as a whole, but it’s just taking place for all of us.

How can we as a free people allow this administration to change the laws and dictate what will be, to us, as that “free people?” The government is overstepping its powers as stated in our constitutional rights. That document written by the founding fathers of this country during the time of revolution gives power to the people. That power, if need be, to cast out those that would destroy this United States of American from within. Is that day near?

There is a fear on this land that many of our citizens can’t shake. It is intuitive. It is that gut feeling that will not go away. Almost a foreboding of extremely stressing days to come. A forecast of our past. A look at our primal fears of the unknown and what is to come.

The 545 of the government’s elite in Washington, I say it again, must come back to reality. That reality is that they will do their job. That job is working for the people.

This game of back biting by Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. John Boehner is disgraceful. If they would labor for the people as hard as they labor against each others’ policies we would not be where we are today as a country.

If these politicians can’t do their job, that’s fine. Don’t do your job, just leave office as soon as possible and don’t come back as a lobbyist. These bloodsuckers will not go away on their own. We the people can send them on their way. We can do it with the vote.

Janet Napolitano, while she was secretary of Homeland Security, had a deep fear of the military. Her fear was not of the man in uniform. It was of the veterans, the former and highly trained. There are millions. They are a seasoned power that should not be backed into a corner.

The veterans want peace more than anyone. The veterans in their youth signed over their lives to our government without fear of the outcome. Those same veterans, every man and woman, are ready today.

There are those that would get no greater pleasure then to see us destroy ourselves from within without a fight.