Utilities Commission hears unhappy public about rate hike

First Posted: 2/20/2013

Can we really trust this power company? Remember when they came to our commissioners and wanted to locate a power generating facility in our county and at the time produced documents stating what a terrific tax boon the plant would be to our county, we were so impressed and our commissioners agreed to accept the new plant, well, when all the construction was completed they returned to our commissioners and produced more documents that showed where they over stated the tax benefits we would recieve and that we would be recieving much, much less. Unsurprizingly, the commissioners just went along with their "new Deal"(sound familiar)and we recieve a much smaller tax payment than we were promised, why didn`t we resist the lower payment and sue them to force them to pay us what they sold us on or we could re-evaluate the facility and bring it to current value, they do it to your home and other property, whats good for the Goose, you know the rest.
Between what we now pay for Gasoline and any other thing that is hauled by truck and what we already pay for electric service, we can hardly make it now, so I say, "NO" to an increase and I want my elected officials to also, stand up to these people and say a big "NO". in unison. if they have the "GUTS".
We didn`t vote for a "Bunch of wimps" and we want some display of courage from them now.

over-charged and angry
louis b long et al.